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  1. My cooling fans stopped working the other day and had it checked and its the motors not working. Am I right in thinking that I only need to buy the motors and not the whole unit? Fans are turning freely. My understanding is Take the fan unit out, take the motors out of the unit, replace the motors connect the leads and put the fan unit back in the car ?????? or if I buy a new fan shroud will new motors come with it or just the fans ???? many thanks in advance for any advice on this.
  2. Received mine today. Thank you grundy Couple of pic. Will get some tomorrow fitted in the car
  3. Exact same 1 as I got, came very well packaged and protected, painter didn't have any big problems fitting it
  4. Carrie-B1

    Sump Pan

    After getting all the oils changed in the car I have been advised there is a small rust spot on the sump pan and to get it changed before it starts weeping.... Would anyone have 1 lying about lol. or anyone breaking 350 at the moment
  5. Mine did the same only would go back not forward, took the switch off and cleaned it all and still ended up having to get another switch
  6. It was a pleasure to meet you on Sunday Richard and as Kyle said your car is a credit to you. Look forward to more car meets and runs out
  7. Thank you, did ask for wheel spacers, but so far haven't gotten any





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