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  1. Hey guys, it sounds been a while since I logged in having moved on from the zed. I decided being sensible and getting a mercy diesel was the way forward. It’s not, it’s boring. Ive tried reading over the threads and seeing if anyone came on here having bought my zed but I’ve not seen it. If the new owner is on here please contact me. If the opportunity to get this car again came up. I’d jump at it.
  2. I've never seen any tyres with the MO mark on them. The ones on it are all budgets that a previous owner put on. Even last night coming off a roundabout a noticeable dab of throttle and the back end was kicking out. Thankfully the TC keeps it controllable but it's almost hilarious how bad they are. I had been looking at rainsporgs tbh. Their demonstrations on YouTube for wet use look really convincing. I've seen them on eBay for really good prices but where did you source them?
  3. Would like to hear what tyres you guys are running on your daily cars? I had MPSS on my zed, now have a merc c class and the tyres on it are awful. They are soo bad the rear end is more playful than the zed. I will be looking to change when i've ran them down a little and I'm trying to see what tyres are getting good feedback from owners.
  4. Do you have any sealant/protectant on those wheels? Came up well, nice choice of motor btw
  5. I never actually heard of the Bilt Hamber products till a month ago but they same to get rave reviews. I'll get these to try when the current supplies run out. It was just a wheel brush out of Halfords if I remember correctly. I liked the style of it for my zeds Rays. Its a pretty good brush tbh.
  6. So I'm really enjoying creating these little clips testing out some detailing products. I made this one to test out the Imperial wheel cleaner by Auto Finesse. When it comes to wheel cleaners, I like my wheels to be left with a high shine and this didn't disappoint, I might add that these wheels have had no sort of sealant or wax etc applied to them, yet! My only only issue was that the trigger mechanism seemed to have broke during transit it kept slipping round like i'm sure you will spot for a couple seconds.
  7. Yeah I had wondered whether these companies were just importing and putting on a markup. I occasionally order some from the US if you fancy going halves on shipping some time. Let me know next time you are ordering and I'll certainly check out my supplies haha
  8. I didn't realise how popular the Iron remover products were. I would really like to try some of Larrys stuff but I dont seem to find a UK supplier at a reasonable price.
  9. It does really, yes. Ultra Glaze will just wash off it's not topped with an LSP. Being an oily glaze it works best being topped with a wax, but some sealants will also work (albeit resulting in a slightly reduced durability compared to applying to bare paint). The only exception being solvent heavy sealants, as the solvents will strip the underlying glaze. As always ilogial1 you've been a fountain of knowledge when it comes to anything detailing related. It's quite an addictive hobby when you get started and there's clearly tonnes to learn.
  10. Point taken, now that I watch it, I notice it now. Thanks 👠Yeah I have been looking for something that would give the paint a nice depth to the black and it seems to be doing the job. I only tested it on the bootlid for this vid. Does a glaze require a sealant on top? I finished off with a quick coat but I've never used a glaze before to be sure.
  11. So I've been messing around again with the new products I got as a gift at Christmas. Let me know what you think? Tips on techniques etc all welcome.
  12. Good to know, I can always try another one of these when Avalanche runs out.
  13. I've tried a few snow foams but this is the first I've purchased more of. It always leaves my car ready for an easy wash with as little chance for scratching the paint with dirt.
  14. Hey everybody, Thought I'd make another vid on car detailing as I had a positive reaction to the last one. This is showing the Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam pre wash. You can make your opinion on the product from the video, all it had was a simple hose down. Let me know what you think.
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