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  1. As the title really, has anyone experienced a yellow stuff pad (or any other pad for that matter) being so stuck in the caliper that it won't lift out. The pads are at the end of their life so I tried to replace them today but both inner pads at the front seem stuck solid in the caliper and won't lift out even with mild brute force with a pair of mole grips. Calipers indie and out have been cleaned with brake cleaner as much as possible. If anyone has experienced this, any tips on getting them out without removing the calipers? Cheers
  2. OK thanks all, I baulk at stuff that takes too long due to other commitments and a perceived complexity but if it's as you all describe, I'll tackle it it one of these coming weekends. Cheers
  3. So I presume the manifold coming off is not necessary?
  4. Hi all, as the subject, I've got a couple of replacement covers from ZMANALEX and am looking for a decent guide for replacing them. I've done a search but nothing obvious has come up. The local garage reckon it's a 6 hour job and need to remove the full plenum and manifold but then I'm also getting conflicting info online that it's not that big a job (although still no guides as to what actually needs doing) Has anyone done the job and can confirm what actually does need to be removed?
  5. Just as a final update, cylinder 5 had the misfire so replaced the coil and all is now good. Only issue is the dreaded oil in the recess so it looks like I'm heading for a rocker cover gasket set replacement to stop it happening again.....
  6. Good option; I've got some in the garage but I'm doing nothing in this weather...!
  7. No the misfire under these particular conditions manifested about 1000 miles after the spark plugs were changed. When I bought the car, the previous owner had obviously neglected the plugs because after about 4 weeks of ownership I started to get a random misfire at high revs, which was sorted by changing the spark plugs. I'm hoping that by previously neglecting the plugs and causing them to break down, it put more stress on the coils which is why I'm now getting the issues I am. At least then it's any easy fix to diagnose and sort. The good news is that I do now have a permanent EML so a code has been logged so just need to get my reader on it tomorrow.
  8. Yes, those were my thoughts cheers
  9. Yes, it's definitely the EML, I've had it light up before at higher revs before I changed the spark plugs. It flashes at a constant rate for a good 10 seconds whilst the engine seems to misfire then goes off again.
  10. Hi all, as the title, I'm starting to get an occasional misfire when the car gets hot and do get the EML flashing intermittently. The odd thing is though, when we had a scan this weekend it's not storing any fault codes at all? Does anyone know of an issue that would cause the EML to flash for misfire but not store a code? Cheers
  11. Fumes from other vehicles may be a point I could eliminate by just Idling in a car park I suppose & it's certainly worth messing with the controls when it happens to further try to isolate things. Cheers
  12. Hi all, I've looked around and can't find a similar thread so hopefully someone might be able to tell where to at least start looking. On my daily commute (never giving it the beans) when I'm stuck in traffic I can often get the smell of hot oil coming through the vents. I've checked the oil levels and it's dropped by about 250ml in the last 1000miles. I assume if I was burning it, the smell would not come through the vents so I'm guessing a leak somewhere dropping onto a hot engine. Anyone have an idea where to start looking and where might be the most common gaskets / areas to look? 2004 DE on 112000 miles Cheers
  13. Thanks all, but sorted now. As above they're not needed urgently, just as standby use so I don't get stranded on long trips





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