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  1. They’re sold, just whatever is listed remains, bud.
  2. Bump, last few bits before eBay gets them.
  3. Hi Paul, I have the S-tune oil cap, radiator cap, carbon get knob, S-tune graphics, cup holder, door handles and the Tomei oil cap left. Anything of interest?
  4. The black worn out one? Sorry can’t match that price unfortunately.
  5. Yes, mate, still available, but I double pick up is an option, I’m in NI.
  6. You're about 5th in line mate lol fingers crossed lol
  7. Selling off my little hoard of brand new unopened Nismo goodies and a selection of genuine Nissan or aftermarket used bits. Prices don't include shipping. Genuine Nismo S-Tune graphics: £30 £20 Genuine Nismo carbon fibre gear knob £60 £50 (used) OEM door snorkels: £5 the pair OEM inner door handles: £15 the pair Some prices may be negotiable, especially for multi buys.
  8. Not much really, paint you can mix any colour in the world, I don't think thats possible with powder. Paint may be a better finish depending on the guy doing it, but powder I think is more durable and possibly easier to get an even finish, even if it isn't as good as an expert painter.
  9. Small update, I tried a MAF from another Zed and the problem still persists. Really strange how the temp shoots up all of a sudden.
  10. If you think that’s rusty, you should look under literally any other 350’s
  11. Thanks @Rikz2004, done all that and it all appears fine, I even cleaned the MAF and it made no difference. However, I think the MAF may be faulty. When the light came back on again I plugged the OBD reader and cleared it again, checked a few parameters and watched the intake temps. They were around 45 and crept up to 51 and stayed there for a while before leaping to 205!! So I assume there is some kind of fault with it. Anyone know where's best to get a new one? No interest in eBay copies, or paying £200 to Nissan lol
  12. Savages. Hopefully all the crocodiles come together and begin a war
  13. They look to be in amazing condition looking at the centre caps. Bit of an odd lazy seller, though. Wants people to arrange their own packaging if you want them shipped
  14. So the 350 has started throwing this code when idling for a short while (say 10 minutes when already warmed up) and intake temps are getting above 50℃. When driving the temps are getting down to where they should be, sub 20℃. If the temps where always high, I'd say the MAF was faulty, but it appears to be working correctly. Anyone any ideas on whats causing it, or how to fix it?
  15. Surely they have broken the terms of the direct debit? It was agreed for a set amount for 12 months, not a variable amount such as phone bills etc. If I were you I would be insisting they return the money immediately upon receiving the proof of NCB, especially since it's coming up to Christmas. It really bugs me be companies are happy to take your money in a day or 2 from your account, but when they're asked to return it, it takes them 2 weeks. Crooks!!
  16. KyleR


    I had the Z Speed one on my old Zed and eventually I'll be changing out the OEM one on this car, but I'll probably go for the Torqen one as its a bit cheaper than the Z Speed and is exactly the same except the name.
  17. You could try PMing him?
  18. It’d be cheaper to replace the bushings with poly unless the balljoint is in bad shape too.
  19. The hub face of a wheel isn't solid, it's usually star shaped, so the bolts go between.
  20. Where did you get the replacement rotors and how much were they? I need a new set.
  21. Had the battery charging for the past 6 hours, which I know isn’t enough to charge it, but I figured I’d have got a dash light. Instead of connecting the negative to the chassis, I connected it straight to the terminal and had power again, but would repeatedly click very quickly if I tried to turn it over. How come it wouldn’t work with a dead battery? I’d have though connecting a 14v source to the battery would be virtually the same as a fully charged battery.
  22. So I went to start the car today after it being sat for a few weeks and I never bothered to hook up the maintainence charger, so no surprise it’s stone dead. However, even after hooking it up to another car with its ignition running, it’s still dead. No lights or anything. I checked the 2 ignition fuses and they seem fine anyone any ideas?





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