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  1. Thanks for the replies Maybe leave as is and get my console dipped instead as its looking a bit tired Probably cheaper any way ! Terry
  2. Hi everyone I am thinking about fitting a genuine nissan 350 z sat nav to my 2008 350z as it currently hasnt got one ( well through my phone on the stereo) but i like the look of the genuine ones A couple of questions 1. What will i need to do this 2. Anyone know where i might get one from 3. Will my car have the wiring for the sat nav if i get one Any advice will be gratefully accepted Many thanks Terry
  3. Hi Adrian Ive had the front lower arms and top mount fitted but now ive got a really annoying squeak everytime i go over a slight bump - its obviously linked to the suspension and really annoying Have you come across this before at all ? Cheers terry
  4. Hi Adrian I am after a quote for lower front suspension arms (right and left) And a suspension top mount (o/s if applicable) Nissan are telling me the bush that fits into the sub frame is splitting would this bush already be in the arms or will I need bushes as well (if so price please ) Many thanks Terry
  5. Hi Well I was after guidance!! But I suppose I'm after 2 lower suspension arms (o/s and n/s ) And a front suspension top mount Price and make?? Would be great Car is a 350z 2008 Reg DG08UHH Many thanks Terry
  6. Hi Just been to nissan and they tell me I need an off side front lower arm bush into subframe replacing (splitting) and a top mount For this they want to charge me the earth -so I thought I would ask for help from all you experienced people instead 1) replace the whole arm or just the bush? And the top mount? 2) replace both sides? 3) any recommendations of where to go to get this work done (leicester area) 4) any particular brand/make to buy Any help would be gratefully accepted Many thanks Terry
  7. Hi Everyone I have just had my car serviced (2008 HR 350z) and i have had advice that the steering rack is leaking fluid Nissan want - wait for it - £1617 to replace the steering rack I am after any help that people on the club can provide regarding the purchase of a refurbed or new steering rack are there any companies that people would recomend I am in Hinckley in Leicestershire Thanks in advance Terry
  8. Hi Asad How much are these for a set in chrome / silver regards Terry
  9. Hi Everyone I have a 350z 2008 HR and due a spark plug change - what type / make would you recommend ? Ive looked at different types but they range from £60 to £140 - any help much appreciated many thanks Terry
  10. Thank you for your replies All the tyres will be the same on each axle once fitted - Pirellis on the front / Falkens on the back And I will check the balance on front passenger tyre - all being fitted tomorrow then brake pads all round and if its still doing it I will have to investigate further - as mentioned that is what I thought maybe suspension bushes or Banana arm issues etc Many thanks Terry
  11. Hi After having my 350z (2008) for about 15 months I am now experiencing an unusual handling issue at the front Every so often it feels like I have a flat tyre on the passenger side front (obviously I check the tyre pressure but its all ok) I have recently had a puncture on this corner but changed it for a brand new Pirrelli P zero because the repair was not possible It was that bad that I took it to a garage to check out the car with the front 2 wheels off - they said it was all ok I have had the 4 wheel laser allignment carried out I will get the new tyre rebalance I am changing the other tyre on front drivers side to get a pair (same tread etc) and I am having the brake pads all replaced because they are due and to see if this stops the issue Now the dreaded question - IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD POTENTIALLY TAKE INTO ACCOUNT ? # banana arm? I have had a very good 15 months and havent spent anything on the car until now I love the car but I need to solve this issue for my own peace of mind any help / advice gratefully accepted many thanks Terry
  12. Hi Strudul when I say running costs obviously the 350z cost more in fuel than the tt diesel but Ive had nothing go wrong with my zed yet - straight through its mot not even an advisory - no bills in 6 months but if the zed does go wrong im sure they are cheap to repair LOL cheers Terry
  13. Hi Strudul dare I say it - I had a 2008 TT tdi - I part exed it for my 2008 350z a decision I havent regreted - but I suppose its what you want at the time I had it for a couple of years found it really economical , handled well (quattro) & reliable in the 2 years I had a Turbo issue (diaphram i think) repaired with an audi kit , New speaker ,air bag sensor apart from that I was quite happy with the car Not that this helps but I love my zed more but it costs me more to run! cheers Terry
  14. Cheers AMT Yes hoping i bought a good example - D day - MOT friday
  15. Hi flex yes it probably does have a secret switch - i just havent found it yet Hi Shezza - thanks for the info - yes the wheels are nice but you know that feeling when you just catch the kirb and are so disappointed in yourself - ive had it once already but i will look after the car - it is a credit to its previous owner - i will let you know how good after its MOT on friday - there is always something that comes back to bite me on the bum LOL cheers Terry
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