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  1. What a beauty! In South Wales too..currently hunting for a 350! Enjoy!!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Absolutely, my a4 sold with around 116k miles and was immaculate, especially compared to some mx5 and 350z I have seen with easily half the mileage... Ideally I wanted to for once treat myself to something with less than 50-60k miles... But I've seen a few advertised lately with 90kish miles which may look better than some I have viewed!
  3. Than you dude. Looking at up to 55 platers, and happy to spend up to 7k depending on year etc.. seems fair to expect a good example with decent miles?
  4. Having a bit of a nightmare finding a genuine pre 06 coupe Im not sure I'm being fussy as I know the interior doesn't wear too well, but seem to only be finding really sketchy examples
  5. Hey dude, I have not yet used them myself, but have heard positive things about "niss Tec ltd" who are based in Swansea. Should I manage to source a Z, I will be likely trying them out
  6. Those are some bright lights! What a good idea... Might invest in some of the dual led setups Screwfix have for the same purpose
  7. Good to know as currently hunting for a pre 06are they plug and play other than trimming the plastic??
  8. Hey all, Currently on the hunt to become a potential Z owner, so wondering if anyone is local to the area / meets happen to have a nose around a few to know what I am looking for. Struggling to find good examples for sale within 150 plus miles at the moment, so want to be sure! thankkkks Josh
  9. Thanks guys! I completely agree, trying to find myself a good example to check out! Closest have been 60+ miles away so far sadly
  10. Hi all, So I joined the site under an old and long forgotten username yeeeears ago after selling my ep3, but at the time owning a 350z never came around.. I am currently back on the hunt after selling my b6 a4 quattro as I was craving something more engaging and fun.. As it stands, the wife has a perfectly practical car when required, so while I can, so two seats are not an issue.. The shortlist.. NC mx5 350z The safe and potentially far less exciting option MK2 TT of some description A friend has an NC which I had the pleasure of driving on track too which was incredible fun, so I finally "get" the mx5 thing, driven a tin top nc2 which was nice, but one thing's for sure I'll only fit in with the roof down and a lid on.. The MK2 TT , bagged a drive in a 2.0tfsi s tronic today, lovely place to be, super well put together, special feeling until pushing on.. love the noise that comes with the lightning quick gear change but obvious from the outset that it didn't drive like the Mx (fwd that I drove) Lastly the Z... Not been able to find one local to check out! But starting to wonder if it might be the perfect blend of the two... With the handling, drive & perhaps for me most important the noise! Don't suppose anyone is in the Swansea area and willing to let me come for a ride and look around one? so yeah... Hi haha!! Josh





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