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  1. Thanks for the advice it's really helpful to me
  2. So I am going to have my clutch done soon and have been quoted £480 but said if the flywheel needed doing then another £260 I ask if that sounds about right cost ? Also flywheel should I get it done anyway should i get a different type (lighter one) What advantages recommended makes of clutch or flywheel cheers
  3. Hi All Firstly I would like to thank everybody for your kind welcome. Next an apology for not replying earlier but unfortunately my first 350z experience has not been a happy occasion. I had saved for the car over last couple of years and looked at many adverts. So got to the buying stage and decided as I am not mechanically minded it would be safer to buy from a garage. I saw my car advertised and loved the look of it so went to test drive it . It looked shiny and seemed to drive ok. They told me it had full service history and had just recently been serviced. There was a noise which the garage told me was clutch or gearbox but they would sort it before selling it. So I bought it and when I picked it up I didn't hear the previous noise and was told the gearbox bearings had been removed reconditioned and put back in. I had 3 months warranty and 6 months on gearbox . I have been busy so had hardly driven it After 4 weeks I asked a friend if he could just look over the car to see what might need replacing etc. Well he told me clutch release bearing is making noise the exhaust is blowing the tyres are close to limit and brakes need replacing soon . I messaged the garage and they said that none of it is covered as they are things that wear out. People I have spoken to said that when the gearbox was done they couldn't understand why the didn't do the clutch or at least give me the option of having it done . In the mean time we discovered the service history has a massive gap in it .all tyres had advisories from mot that was done 2 months before I bought it . I had spoken to him about tyres and he said they were not the same ones. There are other issues but needless to say the whole experience so far has been unpleasant
  4. Hi to all My new car I'm a builder not a mechanic so no doubt I will be calling on the combined knowledge of the members of this site. I trust that you wont roll your eyes if I ask stupid questions Cheers alexbuilds



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