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  1. Mishimoto Radiator Leak from new..

    I'm currently seeking refund with Mishimoto at the moment. I think I'll be going for a Skunk next
  2. Mishimoto Radiator Leak from new..

    Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. Call me sour, but I've lost so much faith in the product (and Aluminum radiators) that I'm leaning towards declining a replacement and pushing for a refund, to source an OEM radiator. The experience has put me off Aluminum radiators completely, given that our engines suffer heavily if not adequately cooled. I'm just not convinced by the competition either - they seem to offer even less in terms of warranty, for a radiator that looks identical, costs more (in terms of the Koyo) and come with less. I'll do some browsing tonight but anyone know where I can source a high quality (new, not used) OEM fit radiator?
  3. Mishimoto Radiator Leak from new..

    Well, truth be told the Mishimoto OEM plastic end capped radiator is £180, the Mishimoto aluminium performance radiator is around £290. I wanted the latter for its enhanced cooling capabilities as I like to think in the next three years, the car may be FI so it was on the list in addition to other upgrades. Maybe I should just cut my losses and go back to plastic capped.
  4. Mishimoto Radiator Leak from new..

    Yeah, was bought directly from Mishimoto UK. I lied in my original post, I've actually covered less than 1000 miles since it was installed. Hence my anger, as the leak would have been spotted as a manufacturing defect if tested properly. I'm skeptical about all aluminium radiators now. People are recommending a Koyo radiator instead, however Koyo only appear to warranty the initial startup of the radiator and the radiator is an eye watering £400 odd quid!! A lot of money to loose if the radiator develops a leak in the first two months after the initial 'start up', and the Koyo doesn't even come with a cap for that price. I just want a water tight radiator, is that too much to ask
  5. Mishimoto Radiator Leak from new..

    UPDATE: So after chasing Mishimoto support myself, and resending pictures of the leak and the Radiators serial number, Mishimoto have confirmed that they cannot get a new radiator to me until the 31st January 2018, as the radiator is out of stock. The suggestion in the meantime from Mishimoto is to add the Mishimoto stop leak product to the radiator to stop the leak for now . Although they are offering this for free, and adding it would not void the warranty, for the sake of their faulty radiator, I'd rather not risk a blocked heater matrix or a blocked cooling jacket! Whilst I appreciate the effort, I'm going to ask for and review any other options they can give me. However, I suspect that if I request a refund they won't process this until they receive the faulty radiator back, which means over a week with the Zed on the driveway with no radiator before I can even order an alternative I hate to slate vendors, but had this radiator been subject to proper QC, they could have identified this before it was shipped!! Would not recommend.
  6. Mishimoto Radiator Leak from new..

    Most of the opinions I've received align perfectly with what Alex has said. I'm now concerned that if they issue a replacement, that it will do the same. Has anyone here had a good experience or experiences with Mishimoto Radiators and their customer support? Two days and even though I've submitted an online warranty claim and had an automatic acknowledgement, nobody has got back to me.
  7. Splitting/Refurb Headlights

    Unfortunately I've still not been able to source a replacement headlight lense. If anyone has one please let me know
  8. Mishimoto Radiator Leak from new..

    Recently replaced my oem radiator with a Mishimoto Aluminum Performance Radiator and after less than 2000 miles its developed a pinhole leak under hot pressure from a weld near the end tank. Do they not pressure test these radiators as part of QC? I get the feeling that they aren't manufactured very well, as the fitment was also poor! Whilst I wait for a response from Mishimoto regarding a warranty claim, I'm pretty disappointed for a £300 radiator. What are others experiences with the Mishimoto Radiator? I'm running it in conjunction with a Mishimoto Fan Shroud.
  9. VQ35DE Rev-up - Engine Ticking Noise

    That's encouraging news! So has your ticking noise now stopped after changing to a slightly thicker oil? When hot 5W - 30 is quite thin, so it wouldn't surprise me if 5W - 40 helps. Does anyone know if 5W - 40 would do any damage? I can't think why it would, I'd just have to wait longer for the oil to get to temp. Edit: I'm starting to think that the previous owner of my car may have ran slightly thicker oil to address the problem previously (before my ownership at 55,000 miles) and when I had my first oil change and replaced the oil with 5W 30 at 60,000 odd miles its reintroduced the problem. I wonder if 5W - 40 would also reduce my oil consumption. Its not bad, but it's not brilliant either (0.5 litre per 600 - 800 miles).
  10. VQ35DE Rev-up - Engine Ticking Noise

    For the record I never got any further with this, nearly 20,000 miles after I last talked about it, Lol. I'm debating switching to 5W - 40 or 10W - 40 oil next time to see if it quietens it up.
  11. Splitting/Refurb Headlights

    Hi Paul PM sent If I can get a replacement facelift headlight offside lense it will save me replacing the entire headlight
  12. Splitting/Refurb Headlights

    Thank you for the responses guys! I have a replacement LED board to slot into one headlight which I will do whilst resealing the nearside headlight. I have another issue now with the offside headlight whereby when I last sanded and polished it, I managed to put heat scores on the inside of the lens by concentrating the buffer on one point of the external lense for too long Does anyone know if the lenses are competely interchangeable between a preface lift and face lift headlight? Can I buy a cheap pre facelift headlight, head the glue up and swap the lense to my facelift headlight?
  13. Splitting/Refurb Headlights

    Hi all I have a 2007 350Z with Facelift Headlights. Unfortunately the seals have deteriorated allowing small water ingress into the headlights either side. How easy is it to remove the headlights, split them, clean them up and effectively reseal them without a professional oven and equipment? I'd also like to replace the orange LEDs inside one of the headlights as one of the LEDs has failed, and I need to polish the inside of one headlight lens. If this is a job best left to a professional, can anyone recommend someone who offers this service with a relatively quick turnaround (one week)? The other alternative would be brand new headlights at £1600 for replacements or sourcing a used pair which I simply cannot afford right now due to other priorities on the Zed. Any advice appreciated. Thank you
  14. I'm interested in a set too please, please PM with order instructions. Sent from my Xperia Z2 using Tapatalk
  15. Carbon Fibre Fender emblem inserts £19.99 delivered

    Do you still have these available? Sent from my Xperia Z2 using Tapatalk