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  1. Still for sale? Interested in these, if Tallen-B hasn't gone for them. Would they fit a rev up/facelift interior?
  2. Radiator only. I questioned this before too. If you drain the block, you'll have a lot more difficulty bleeding the whole system.
  3. I had a ticking noise on my 2007 DE Rev-up, that was fairly similar. Check out my YouTube video - I had some success in switching to a 5W - 40 oil, instead of 5W - 30. I also replaced my Fuel Damper, but that made no difference.
  4. Just to update and bring this thread to a close, the Mishimoto Radiator came out this weekend and I fitted a replacement used OEM Radiator. For anyone who's interested, here's the pictures of the Mishimoto after it came out. Let this be a warning to anyone considering one.
  5. Thanks @cascade88 I've ended up buying a used radiator via Ebay a few days ago but will let you know if this is still something I require. Mods please lock the thread for now
  6. Hi, I'll take this for £20 plus P&P (got a Headlight Project Planned later this year, and I want to use this to perform a test split with an oven to test the temp before putting my real headlight in the oven to split) Sent you a PM.
  7. After an OEM 350z DE Radiator, not aftermarket in the best condition possible (minimum damage to fins, fully working order with no leaks). Willing to pay extra for postage and packaging to ensure it arrives undamaged and intact. Pictures would be great. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the update Tricky and Mark. Mark, I'll be having my next service at Abbey so I guess you'll be the first to find out if some thicker oil helps (before I perhaps take the plunge and get the clearances checked next or spend more money).
  9. Bump, sfs and will take decent offers! Need these gone so I can use the funds for another mod!
  10. Hey 14N, I'd like to order one please. I'll shoot you a PM.
  11. Update: I've taken the decision to swap to 5W - 40 during my upcoming service in the next few months / thousand miles. I'll post back here the results regardless.
  12. Hi, I have for sale, new boxed and sealed and ready to go a complete set of Mishimoto Silicone Radiator/Cooling hoses in black for sale. This is a complete kit to replace the four main hoses on your 2003 - 2006 VQ35DE 350z. The kit includes the Upper/Lower hose, the smaller rubber expansion hose from the expansion/radiator cap to the expansion tank, and the cooling hose that runs under the plastic engine cover. The item is in a brand new, never used condition, with only the box opened. Hoses are still in a sealed bag. I'm asking for £90 including post and packaging to mainland UK, which I think is fair as I paid £105 new I reserve the right to remove the items from sale as they are also listed elsewhere, however if this occurs I will update this thread.
  13. I've also just directly asked Tegiwa/Skunk2 Europe again about what warranty is offered with the product via Email and its been directly ignored...again *alarm bells*
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