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  1. so many beauties in one place . Great vid BTW.
  2. Hello guys. Below is a problem I came across and solution to it. Hopefully it will help someone. Problem I was installing I.C.E and disconnected battery and when plugged it back I realized my key fob stopped working. I could only enter a car by using a key in door lock then my alarm went on and to disarm it I had to start my car. I tried reprogramming a key fob using this method but did not work for me as I couldn't get to that stage when you hear 1 click (warning lights flash – point 6 see below) 1. Turn the ignition switch from Position
  3. Welcome, great car , looks very nice in red, rare color, enjoy every single minute as I do
  4. Hello m8 Great choice of car I am from Diss so see you around dude
  5. We are on the same boat m8 I am new owner too .
  6. well... if only price was a bit less, now spending 1.4k straight after buying a new car + wheels + service might be to much for my wife to accept .
  7. I still hesitate a little here. love sound and price of this: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/tanabe-nissan-350z-03-06-medalion-concept-g-cat-back-exhaust.html but look (bit expensive) of that : https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/nissan-350z-2003-08-3-5l-ark-grip-true-dual-exhaust-system-burnt-tip.html
  8. . Hope you will find nice ZED for you.
  9. Hello there, I hope we see each other on the road . BTW saw your car and love exhaust
  10. I know exactly how you feel because I recently bought my car and it had been long process , there are many doubts and contrary feelings but at the end trust your guts and most importantly DO NOT rush. Pick your priorities and be prepared to sacrifice few of them as very unlikely you will find a car which tick all boxes. For me personally most important parts were : number of owners and mileage. Anyway good luck
  11. I had a Chinese head unit in my previous car and worked well but also heard a lot of bad stories about them so I think it all depends on your luck . Now I am looking to buy new HU as well to my ZED and also was checking Xtrons so let me know if you finish installation first. From what I learned so far there will be a problem to find correct fascia to this unit and yes you will need adapters as usually.
  12. Hi and . I checked many ...many cars before i bought my ZED and I am pretty sure that car you are after is GT model. Price is a bit higher that I would have paid but car looks very clean and tidy. I believe you will be able to get a price down to 5-5.2k. Good luck
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