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  1. Hey all! I've been looking to buy a 350z (as a second car) for a year now but haven't done so yet for different reasons one of which is that I haven't found the 'right' one as yet. The car below caught my eye last summer and I was surprised to see it still hasn't sold so was wondering if anybody here had either viewed it or has any info on it: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2007-Nissan-350-Z-3-5-V6-GT-2dr/323564802587 I have not gone to view it because something feels off given how long it's been for sale for, also the price was £7,650 a couple of we
  2. Thank you all for your responses and helpful advice. I will definitely take my time, I'm not in a massive hurry and would rather find the 'right' car before making the purchase. To your point @pintopete58 I think it can be the luck of the draw at times with used cars but all I can do is minimise the risk as much as possible by doing my homework. I will be reading up more on this forum and I'll keep an eye out, only problem is I'm so smitten with the Sunset Orange colour not sure I would want any other colour very surprised that it's so seemingly rare!
  3. Thank you all. I just wanted a second (more informed) opinion on this particular car and it seems that I was right about the price being on the high side so I will see if the dealer is willing to negotiate although I doubt it but if not then the search continues. Looking forward to joining the club fully once I have my 350Z!
  4. Thank you! 5k was the price I had in mind tbh. I haven't yet viewed the car but plan to do so over the next couple of days however just unsure if I would pay the asking price. The warranty on offer is 3 months covering engine & gearbox. It has 2 brand new tyres on the front but back tyres are not new but have decent tread depth according to the dealer. 5 previous owners and whilst it was advertised as FSH when I asked further it seems to have some patchy service history, was first done at 9k then a huge gap to 47k with no stamps b
  5. Hi All, New member here, came across this forum over the past couple of days as I've been looking to buy a 350Z. This car purchase will be purely as a weekend/fun car so won't be my daily driver as I have another car for that purpose. I've been looking around and have found a car that I like in terms of colour but unsure about the price as it seems a bit steep so wanted to check in with you as you are all far more knowledgeable than I on these cars. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201805026145829 I must say it seems to
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