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  1. Hi, that just happened to me last keep as well, I brought some new mishimoto fans, there are about £190 on the mishimoto web site but they suppose to be really good my Z is a 2002. Thx
  2. Favandre20

    K1 exhaust

    Thanks blocko, I just want one for now as I just got my Zed and have so much to do on it, and as mine is in really bad conditions, I need something cheap for now
  3. Favandre20

    K1 exhaust

    Does anyone know if this japspeed k4 exhaust is anygood?? The reviews are nor verygood on japspeed exhausts thanks
  4. Hi guys, just been reading valy’s build and its just amazing, even if i get the rocket bunny kit I dont think that I can get to his level, too much money and time spend there!! Amazing car valy!!
  5. There is one on ebay for 1.5k then i would need some spacers as well for the rims I guess
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to this Zeds world, I need your advice about the rocket bunny body kit. Have you guys seen one live? How does it look? Is it worth getting one or is it to fragile? My zed is in red and will have to be all resprayed so if I ending up getting it will spray it as well. Need to get my zed ready for next year summer so I can start going to the shows with you guys, so plenty of time to chose what to do with it Thanks guys
  7. Hi everyone, Im a new member and Im new to 350z as well, I think the previous owner was on the site as well, brought it cheap of if and have lots to do on her so hopefully will your help will make her nice again! Anyone in Lincolnshire?





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