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  1. I will be keeping an eye out there for sure but not much in there at the moment. I guess anyone likely to be selling there will at least have been passionate about their car and looked after it properly which seems to be the main thing to look for. About £6-7k. Ideally as mentioned more towards the 6, so I've got a little left for mods/fixes. He's a greyhound, so pretty long and not very bendy. I'm fairly sure they'd fit (she's pretty small), but I don't imagine it would be good on a long journey, and fairly sure it's illegal to travel like that now unless you can find a way of strapping them in. I've come to the conclusions I'll likely have to travel a bit. Never had to go more than 20 miles for a car before so has me a little worried about the logistics and wasting time driving somewhere to see a car which isn't as it seemed, but I guess its part of the experience.
  2. Wow, thanks for all the help guys. Seems like a HR would be nice, but so far the only ones I've seen in my budget either have starship miles or a rough history of MOT failures, but still worth keeping an eye out. I hadn't really seen the oil gallery gasket issue, but something I'll definitely bare in mind when looking. Some good points about modding too, I was thinking of modding this a little. Only basics like exhaust, inlet, simple visual stuff. But i might just aim at getting a nice rev-up, seems like the oil leak problem isn't every car, and I suspect it's probably got a little to do with how the car's been treated and maintained. Hopefully not long after all this Covid 19 stuff is over I'll be able to go and start looking at a few. Just need to convince the misses that her and the dog will be alright in one seat. Does anyone have any tips on where to look for buying? So far I've mostly been on Ebay, but there's only really a slow trickle of cars on there (and I guess with the virus at the moment not many are being added right now) and there's a couple of local garages with one that I've seen.
  3. I've been keeping my eye on 350z prices for a little while now, it's a dream car for me that I've wanted since I was 15 but never been in a position to buy one, until now. What I've noticed is that there is a sharp increase in price for a HR engine (presumably any car with an 07 plate is HR?) because of the small increase in power and apparent increase in reliability. Which makes sense. My question is though, are them increases worth that extra money (it seems to be an extra £2kish, sometimes more sometimes less)? The extra power doesn't bother me, I'm unlikely to go on many track days and I'm coming from a much less powerful car (mini cooper s) so any of them will be an improvement there. But the reliability does, I've seen the most common issue is oil usage, which concerns me a little but I guess not the worst thing as long as it's not a ridiculous amount or too regular. These are obviously 15 year old cars at this point, which in my mind isn't so old I'd be worried about it not starting, but old enough youd expect the odd issue. What sort of issues could I expect? My research points to nothing too serious being overly common. This will likely be my main car, I'll probably get a shed to throw the miles on after a while, but there will definitely be weeks where it gets 250 miles thrown at it. Is a 350z still a good choice for a daily at this point? The general usability doesn't bother me, I had a mk2 mx5 for 6 years as my only car, it's just reliability that concerns me. I'm not bothered about small things breaking, just the sort of thing that stops me being able to drive to work.





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