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  1. I can imagine, just traded my GTR in for a V1 but previous owner had put aftermarket wheels on 🤦‍♂️
  2. Hoping to try get a used set that are cheaper than 3k brand new 😬
  3. Hi, don’t suppose anyone is selling a full set of 370z Nismo V1 wheels as per picture ?
  4. Nismo doesn’t have heated seats but the wiring harness is still fitted. When you remove cup holder the heated switch harness is taped up so as far as I can tell you just need the switches
  5. Nice one, any chance you can send some pics 😊
  6. Looking to buy 370z heated seats in half leather or do a swap for my Nismo V’s
  7. Looking at swapping my Nismo V1 seats to the heated leather ones if anyone has any for sale or willing to swap ….
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