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    Wheel Repair

    I thought I might tackle this job myself, while I am doing nothing!. I am happy with how to polish out the kerb-rash, but wondered whether these wheels need lacquering once finished. Anyone with any advice would be appreciated....
  2. Yeah. Spoke to Malian. They are made to fit both GT and Nismo. At least they are not central; I have scars from my 2016 Focus ST to prove that that's not a good idea when wearing shorts!
  3. Fitted a pair of these last week to my roadster. Stick out a bit further than standard, but sound so much better! Good vfm I reckon.
  4. Bought mine around the same time; yours popped up on PH and AutoTrader in sunny Scunny, if I remember correctly. Bought mine in Shepshed. Love it.
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