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  1. A member PM'd me with threats of violence, i ignored the threats. I then decided to privately inform a moderator about the threats and politely asked to have my account deleted as a result of receiving the threats. I also informed the moderator that there's only so much i am willing to put up with, until i deal with the matter face to face with the member. At no time did i suggest I would disrupt any club organised event, but I would happily let the member explain his threats face to face at Wales. At the end of the day, someone cant go around threatening others without having to answer som
  2. The professional thing to do was to communicate your decision via PM before removing its availability and not to inform a member of the teams decision on a personal matter on open forum!
  3. Not very professional Lexx! Surely your comment should have been made via a PM? So what your saying is that if I have any issues then I am being forced to post them publicly?
  4. Anyone any idea why my private message icon is not available?
  5. I'm sure the mini will be back to normal in a week or two.
  6. I've had 2 Hyundai coupes 2004 1.6 s in blue and face lift 2005 2.0 se in red.
  7. stuarty

    How many?

    Any 350z boffins know how many 350z GT (313) Nismo editions in gunmetal grey are in the UK?
  8. stuarty

    My 350z

    Nice Zed and best colour IMO!
  9. So the price for the car with standard alloys, standard exhaust and standard suspension is £6995??? I'm confused!
  10. Your advertisement is simply to confusing for me!
  11. I got a phone call from my insurance company saying that the lady that drove into my wife's mini has accepted full responsibility, therefore our excess has been waved. I decided not to go with the approved repairer and I have booked the mini into Douglas Park BMW in Hillington next week after a long conversation with the manager. My insurance company has been excellent and they even faxed Douglas Park a referral saying I don't need to pay excess etc. They even said the bonnet stripes will be re fitted after any body work is carried out. So still gutted about the accident but I'm happy with ho
  12. My old Zed used to get lots of female attention, but I think it was because I was driving it! Wahahaha.
  13. I told my insurer I wanted to use a BMW bodyshop. They said thats fine but they may end up sub contracting the work out to someone else anyway. I'm going to speak to my neighbour who is the sales manager from the mini dealership we bought the car from and ask him to arrange for some estimates and give me the guarantee the mini won't leave there premises! I understand mini bodyshop might not be better than anywhere else but then I have the bonus of complaining to BMW customer service if things don't go to plan.
  14. Yeah I had a look at that earlier. As I suspected it is really simple, but only if you know how. lol.
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