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  1. I've just transferred over the full payment. Only just seen that you are taking deposits from the Facebook group post. I didn't get a notification when I was tagged in. Maybe you can message the outstanding people directly.
  2. Ive fitted a cubby hole door from a import with sat nav but wanted the door to open and close does anyone know if its possible to wire up the motor on the door so it will operate?
  3. Kerry

    boot dampers

    can anyone tell me the best place to order new boot dampers from or are they a nissan dealer only part? had enough of my boot lid trying to chop my head off lol.
  4. Just a little update I had a play around with the settings today found out they were all set to there softest settings so I've gone for 15 front and 20 rear from hardest and the car feels sooo much tighter but still comfortable might try a little hard once I've driven it a little more this week. Cheers guys
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys I'm going to have a play around with this over the weekend. Pretty sure the car is set up pretty soft at the moment so really interested to see if I can improve the handling a little more.
  6. Cheers man. Can any one advise me on how I roughly want the car set for a fast road set up? I'm guessing it wants to be slightly harder at the rear? Or same all round?
  7. Hey guys can anyone help me out my car is fitted with MeisterR Zeta-S coilovers with damper adjustment extensions. I didn't set the car up in the first place think the previous owner did and I want to make the ride firmer. It's still my daily but I want it to feel more firm. Is there a way to go about setting the firmness in terms of the ratio to front to back? Any advise is welcome.
  8. Thanks I'll take one out and double check it ðŸ‘
  9. Thanks buddy that's great I'll do that.
  10. Will any plug with a heat rating of 8 fit though? I thought the plugs would come in different sizes no?
  11. Im looking to replace my cars current spark plugs. Ive just bought the car which is a twin turbo, and i know its running HKS Super Fire Racing spark plugs iridium heat range 8 currently but I want to give the car a good service and replace them with either the same again or something similar can anyone point me in the right direction to order some or have a part code I can use? I spoke to opie oils but they wasn't too sure on what would fit.
  12. Hi guys im looking at purchasing a pioneer AVIC-F70DAB head unit and wanted to install it with a rear facing camera for parking can someone advise me what a good camera to buy is and where to order it from?
  13. Hi guys my problem is this I've got a pre facelift non retractable cubby hold at the moment and want to change this to a retractable cubby and install a tablet. I've picked up a motorised retractable cubby door from a jdm car am I able to install this? And what further molding/ parts do I need?





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