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  1. Clutches in the Z's

    I'm keen on the answer too, I experience problems with mine when showing off. Sometimes when I floor it from a set of lights the clutch half engages even when I've released it. It has some drive but revs shoot up massively. Same thing when changing up to second and third. You can put your foot under the clutch pedal and kick it fully out but by the time you react it's too late. This is the first sports car I've had so I assumed it was some sort of safeguard. I looked into the Xtreme Stage 1 Clutch and Fly wheel as it should make a difference for track driving but I only have 14k on the clock so thought I would try and get more use out of this clutch first.
  2. Any meets planned this year..?

    That sounds strange, hopefully you get it sorted soon. The snow was too bad to head up to the moors so we ended up going to the coast for a drive. The roads are great up that way, early morning on a Sunday and you barely see a sole out. Here is a pic from the weekend, dont be deceived by the blue sky, it was freezing!!
  3. Any meets planned this year..?

    I have an OBD2 you can use to get the diagnostic code if you don't manage to get it sorted. The original plan was to do the long way round to Alston from Consett, a better version of this; It might be easy to meet at Shell at Heddon if your newcastle ish. (Hexham Road, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Heddon On The Wall NE15 0BG) I might change my mind depending on the weather. If it's snowing at Consett it will be ridiculous at Alston. If it's bad snow we will head to the coast and it might be a bit warmer. But I dont know any routes that way. Aiming for a 10AM start so about 10:30 at Heddon. Hopefully it's nothing serious and you can come out!
  4. Any meets planned this year..?

    What TT you got? We've just booked up there. I don't think there is loads of space left, there is one later in the month that is fully booked. We're going for a drive on Sunday 11th Febraury. No set route yet, we will be starting from Newcastle area if any one wants to join us. All are welcome.
  5. Any meets planned this year..?

    You can't come in a TT after I've been giving it big b*ll*ck's about being quicker
  6. Any meets planned this year..?

    Yeah I'm taking the Zed and my mate has an Audi TT (obviously I was quicker ). We done it back end of November as well, absolutely loved it, great track. I think it's only £10.00 to add passengers as well, so you could come out for a few laps. Or better yet put yours on
  7. Any meets planned this year..?

    Count me in. I can do 11th March as well. I'm planning on doing Croft on 12th March with a mate if any of you fancy a proper blast out.
  8. January sales?

    If you have the choice run all on 4s. I have SS on the rear and 4s on the front and had no problems (the garage made a similar mistake to you). I much prefer the 4S over SS. Road noise reduction is massive.
  9. Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

    That's enough to get me excited!
  10. Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

    Count me in. May regret it when i come to do the 6 hour drive... Any one have any pictures from last year? Couldn't see any on the thread from last year. 1. Nso93 2. Olly350z + another + R33 skyline 3. 350_Jer 4. AbiiPow 5. Humpy 6. ShortPaul 7. George1966 8. Grumpyoldjanner 9. JJ370z
  11. Any meets planned this year..?

    There may be a small meet at Middlesborough this weekend if anyone is interested (see below). Still waiting to confirm exact details.
  12. Middlesbrough meet 18th/19th

    Yeah I'm definitely up for meeting. Just post details and I will be there!
  13. Middlesbrough meet 18th/19th

    I'm up for a meet. Middlesbrough is about an hour away so not far at all.
  14. Power Steering Cooler

    Great, cheers mate. I'm at Croft at the end of the month, if I'm still having problems I will buy it then.
  15. Power Steering Cooler

    Thanks for the reply, That's one of the ones I've been looking at. What are they like to fit?