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  1. My friend is just curious. I don't know. Looks like an old Jaguar?
  2. USD Not really a fan of Porsche, tho I've never driven one. I don't think you can get one that is under $20k USD too.
  3. I bought my 350Z from a forum member and used it for a few months before moving to USA for a career change. My requirements Only weekend driving Roads here are terrible with huge potholes Need to fit two person and 2 dogs Not spending more than $20-25k What I've been eyeing on. 370Z- Too ugly compared to 350Z GTR- Will get that when I settle down on the West Coast and that doesn't fit in the budget Toyota GT86- I like the look of it but users are saying it is underpowered and not so great handling Subaru BRZ- Apparently it is t
  4. I'm so tempted to just buy it and keep it in a garage..... although I can probably drive it once a year or until Trump kicks me out of the country.
  5. The car was in pretty bad condition. It's hard to see from the photo. Windows were filthy, I wanted to take a peak inside but was difficult. The body was full of dent and scratches but this is normal in NYC unless you're really well off and park in private car park. I still envy the guy/girl who owns it! Insurance is insane here. For someone 35+ with 0 years of driving history in US, it's $450 per month and I live in a good neighborhood. Parking is another $400.
  6. I hope the person who keyed it die in a horrible horrible car crash.
  7. Was 2 car behind you into the tesco car park. Nice to see you driving carefully and giving way to others!
  8. Lol the one told me that does drive a diesel bmw.
  9. I've done this and it screwed me up mentally. I was lucky that they kept my job when I came back but my perspective on life has totally changed. I hate the 9 to 5 job and all I want to do now is travel and see the world. I severely lack the motivation to progress in my career after the travelling as I was so much healthier and happier living on shoestring budget.
  10. https://media.giphy....oOdm8/giphy.gif edit: not quite safe for work.
  11. Was told by my colleagues that I have 19" tyre so my speed is always higher than the speedometer reading unless the computer has been adjusted for 19". Is that true?
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