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  1. Been a while, but I'm still alive!! Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all the Zedders old and new, those I know and those I don't. Have a good one. Neil
  2. I had regular access to a Mk2.5 1.8 Sport when I had my 350, and drove both fairly regularly. The MX was good fun for a couple of miles, but felt like a toy car in comparison to the 350. Totally different sensation. As said, the interior is nicer and there is far more room in the 350, plus the extra power. If I was going 3 miles in the summer with the sun shining I'd take the MX (or walk), but anything longer than that and it was the 350 every day for me.
  3. I had this problem years ago - same symptoms. Had to buy a new window motor in the end as nothing else worked. Managed to get one off ebay though for £5 so a bargain. Worked flawlessly ever after. I tried cleaning the bushes etc, but made no difference to mine. See if Zmanalex has any second hand ones knocking about?
  4. Think I may have an inguinal groin hernia . Not a major problem, and treatment is minor surgery. However, I am currently in Portugal and would have to return to the UK to get it sorted. Is this something I should make a special trip for asap, or can I wait till my scheduled return in a couple of months time? Basically, am I risking major complications by ignoring it for a while? Any advice welcome
  5. There are no additional checks on a P3 compared to a P2. Check the service schedule. Coolant change is not part of either a P1, P2 or P3 - it is done every 3 years as an additional service item. I repeat, there was never any difference between a P2 and a P3 except Nissan stealers ripping us off.................
  6. Thanks chaps Looking forward to a relaxing day in the sun and a good nosh up tonight
  7. Yep, current amp has no network connection (or digital inputs). I have a separate AV amp, but it's not good enough for stereo music. Storage wise I'm looking at at least 2 Terabytes at the bitrate I want... Looks like this is exactly what you need. You can build a small PC for around £250, that will meet your needs. You can get a mini-itx case that will accommodate a dedicated sound card and HDD's. Something like this http://www.ebuyer.co...se-rc-120a-kkn1 with this motherboard http://www.ebuyer.co...d-ga-j1800n-d2h +PSU, RAM, HDD's and sound card. Not sure about a separate PC; it would need to boot up in milliseconds and I'd have no display to see any of the library? Exactly the kind of thing I'm looking at, but that is a streamer and I need storage, plus that has it's own amp built in and I want to use my existing amplification. The Olive 6 looks like the kind of thing I need http://www.digitaltr...ve-06hd-review/ but it is rather expensive.....
  8. Not sure you can get mp3 players with the kind of storage space I'd need; plus I want to use the highest quality files (HD downloads) I can and I'm not sure the DACs in most mp3 players are any good? I want my CDs to sound as good as they currently do through my Creek CD player, and any downloads I make to be even better......
  9. Right chaps; I'm old school - turntable/amp/CD for music and 7.1 HD system for movies already acquired at great expense over the last 20 years all of which I'm keeping, but...... I've got 1000s of CDs all clogging up my space which I want to put into storage and now that HD music downloads are available I'm thinking of entering the 21st century in the way of digital music. I can rip all my CDs (it will take a while but it's possible), but I'm getting confused with what else I need. Sound quality is the most important thing for me. I want to listen through my existing two channel amp/stereo speaker set-up (as it cost a small fortune and so I can continue with the turntable) and only in one room and only one thing at a time, so no need for a Sonos sytem etc. Also, I only have wireless internet at the moment (no ethernet ports as I'm on a dongle in Portugal) so a NAS is probably out as is streaming from the computer as that is only used for work and switched off at 6pm every day. I'm guessing I need a dedicated stand-alone music server (rather than a streamer) with a decent amount of hard disk space and a decent DAC to sit between that and the amp? Anyone with any expertise in this area can give me any pointers? I've no idea what does what these days on the digital side of things or what equipment there is out there.
  10. Yep, there is absolutely no difference between a P2 and a P3 for the 350 and never has been - we've all had our pants pulled down by Nissan on that one over the years. I've been going on about it for years as well
  11. An interesting point though; assuming you should declare any mods to your insurance company what about those the general public that replace brake pads with aftermarket ones from Halfrauds, or an exhaust from KwikFit, or change from the manufacturer's fitted Bridgestones to Falkens, or their local garage fits pattern track rod ends that aren't made by the original car company. My dad's Volvo has aftermarket pads, discs, exhaust, tyres etc - not performance upgrades as he only got them to save paying Volvo prices, but they differ from manufacturer's OEM stuff; should he tell his insurance company? He hasn't and therefore, technically, they could wriggle out of a claim, but that probably also applies to 60% of the cars on Britains roads - are they all technically uninsured? Who decides what makes a change from OEM into a modification - be interested to hear from the insurance guys on this issue as I've had the same conversation in the pub many a time.
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