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  1. Hi to all, this is probably my first contributable post here on boards, hopefully will courage some of you to go with Haltech Elite 2500 ecu on your VQ35DE projects. Went from Platinum Pro Plugin version, which served me couple of the racing seasons well, but time come to do more with the car and Platinum simply couldn't be at the task anymore. So I developed a full assembly kit for the Elite 2500 to become as much as possible a plugin to the 350z VQ35DE. It is compact as much as it can be, it fits perfectly on the OEM location and is secured well. The kit is composed of custom made PCB, an Ecu bracket and PCB cover. The PCB has in addition two relays for the Haltech A26 pin, which is basically tapped wire from the injector power, used for powering DBW and flyback. Without relay on that line, I couldn't turn off the Ecu, because of the power backfeed. Haltech guys didn't know what causes that, I didn't bother too much either. There are two quality relays on the PCB each capable of 16A constant current working in parallel, one is sufficient, the other is actually a backup if ever one of them fails. Once everything on the place and the main OEM Ecu connector secured there are just two additional wires needs tapping, an injector power feed and ACC (usually I'm tapping to the cigarete lighter + wire). Anyway, here are couple of pics how it looks.. I hope you'll like it.
  2. Yes, but without license. License is another $300. This one is tuner version and has license on cable, last pic clearly shows it.
  3. It can hold 1100 HP at least. Probably even more.
  4. This clutch holds over 1000 Nm without a sweat.
  5. Owner of 350z roadster for 7 long years, it was a journey from bone stock to a 1000+ HP weekend warrior.
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