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  1. Sold, subject to payment being received
  2. Hey I have for sale my Berks High flow Cats from my 370z. They have seen less than 6k miles as I found them too loud for a daily with my arc grip so I went back to stock cats. Bought from tarmac for £465. Selling for £265 with free postage.
  3. Hey matey. Ah I've not seen that before but might be the 370 nismo surround It's sold now anyways to another member. Thanks for the interest
  4. The GTR button sits recessed like in the attached picture. I've never seen a red surround on it before buddy
  5. Hey buddy. This fits in your existing surround. It's a direct replacement. The gtr doesn't have a red surround either I don't think. I checked interior pictures too of a gtr but I could be wrong
  6. Price drop £28 delivered anywhere in the UK Bought for £50 from Nissan UK
  7. Ark grip. I've tried 3 exhaust variations on the car and the ark grip with stock cats won hands down, after I spent a lot of money figuring out all the options. Not too loud but loud enough and the v6 just sings. Pay the extra for the ark. You won't regret it
  8. It was £25 mate but that's not this one. Your one stopped working about 1.5 year ago so I ended up getting another new one direct from Nissan which is this one.
  9. Hey I have a spare GTR starter button for sale. Mint condition. £38 posted to you anywhere in the UK.
  10. Car sold and collected. Please lock thread. Thanks
  11. Hi I sent you a DM about your car. I'm away at the moment so it may be sold by the time I'm back but thought I'd drop my details over to you just in case.


  12. Yeah I'm not even sure I'd ever use a car buying site, as I'd much rather keep the car because its mint and always puts a smile on my face
  13. Bump Willing to take £13,995 for a forum member
  14. Car is back up for sale. Gentleman who put a deposit down and paid for a full AA inspection (all clean BTW) had his finance declined. So the car is back up for sale. Cheers
  15. I've tried f1 and MPSS and MPSS are miles better than f1. I've bought the f1 tyres for 3 cars and really think they are so overrated. The side walls on the F1 are so soft, they always seem to collapse
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