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  1. So the time is approaching, going to need some fresh rubber. Do I Stick with the MP4S @ £361 x2 for the rear and £312 x2 Front Or twist and try the Conti Sport 7 @ £264 x2 for the rear and £250 x2 Front Sizes BTW are 305x30x19 and 265x35x19 Seems the lifespan of the MP4S are about 20k 🤨
  2. 1. Angelsanzbriz -Nismo version please 2. Buptaboy - Nismo version please 3. Olly350z - MK2 Nismo Version please 4. McG - MK2 Nismo Version please 5. Ross 370 - plain one for me please. 6. Chris_s MK2 Nismo Version please 7.Craigb - MK2 Nismo Version please 8.9.10. Willsy1980 2x MK2 Nismo and 1x Plain please Lets just get these made and supplied 👍 Ping me details for Paypal when ready @RDON
  3. Another cracking meet guys, good to catch up with some familiar and new faces. Roll on next year 👍
  4. If needed, as a gesture to those who want one. I will buy the remaining 4 covers. Looks like this may be the last ever run of these. The ones I buy, I will resell them with bolts and countersunk washers, they will be sold at a marked up price to cover my investment risk. Let me know if you want me to stump up some cash to get this over the line 👍
  5. Easy way to test, they always squirt on the first or 3rd pull with the headlights on
  6. Done the right thing, if it dont feel right. Walk away. Buy with the head not the heart
  7. Could be wrong but potentially a blocked PCV ?
  8. Shhhsh! I'll sell mine to the right collector for a snip at £60k 😄
  9. Yeah we have been chatting, trying to get pricing on a bulk buy. Once I know I can put a price out. If you are all happy then i'll order a batch
  10. As much as I love my Nismo. £43k someone is going to be very disapointed, its not and never was worth that. Thats bonkers.
  11. Just for refference, when I bought mine 2 yrs ago 2019 white 5k miles 28k form a Nissan dealer. Considering the value seems to have gone up since then on these id say its priced somewhere in the right ballpark. But if you can squeeze a bit more off the asking price then go for it. More money in the Mod pot
  12. Thanks for showing the love to mine Ive messaged RDON if he can pop me in touch with the suppliers im happy to handle the ordering etc of these. It may be a case of having to order 20 so i'd probably order 10x 370Z and 10x Nismo style. On mine the Nismo etc faded, hence the decal in its place. So as an alternative I could just order 20x plain cover and let you guys mod them with a decal ? Let me know your prefared route and if I can get hold of them i'll come back to you Sorry for the thread hijack. Was a flipping epic club event again, massive thanks for organising. Roll on next year
  13. Another with a main stealer woe story here. Car was still under warrenty when I got it, so naturally, serviced at Nissan to keep it all perfect history wise... Second service, they never stamped the damn book so it looks like I have missed an annual service 😡 If they forget to stamp a book, be glad they didn't start faffing with your system 🙃
  14. If you want to read and wipe codes that arrise from decat, HFCs before its remapped etc, then a simple odb2 tool from Sh-Amazon will do the job. ELM327 blutooth work well enough with the Torque app, gives you access to some live data too. If you want to be doing full diagnostics, not sure if there is a need to? Then yes you will need the full consult suite.
  15. I wouldn't worry about the fake noise. Within a week you will be looking for a more fruity exhaust. Once installed, you never hear the fake noise again
  16. 1. davey_8 2. pintopete58 3. George1966 4. Rhysos 5. Headphones 6. Monkey1983 7. budbongo 8. SHEZZA 9. Justthejedi 10. V1H 11. Andy_Muxlow 12. The Bounty Bar Kid 13. Coz@TORQEN 14. Lewis Schwier 15. Tauvp 16. GranTurismoEra 17. Blacklist_Nismo 18. Willsy1980
  17. Arrived ready for installation in a couple of weeks
  18. New spoiler covers them all Was going to use some of them as squish through bond holes, the rest will have extra double sided tape applied over them to prevent water ingress. In your scenario, id be buying a new tailgate from a non Nismo and get it painted etc to match. Be cheaper than any quote to fill, smooth and paint to remove the extra holes
  19. Yeah looking at the clips on the pics above, im thinking release the ones at the back with a trim tool then sort of lift and slide towards the front of the car and try and slide them out. then remove the pegs with the tool. Just gonna have to mask the paintwork up and go for it I guess, won't know till I try kinda thing. At least seeing the pics, I know its possible to get it off without damage
  20. Sorry to revive this old thread, but this could be invaluable in my next mod. The V2 spoiler is coming off and being replaced (eventually) I need to get the spoiler off with no damage to it or the clips etc. as once its off im test fitting its replacement to refine it if needed before going to paint etc. Then the V2 will go back on temporary till its ready. So in short, any tips for getting the V2 spoiler off with no damage ? Thinking: Fishing line Cardboard Masking tape Assorted trim clip tools. Do I start on top or at the back when de-clipping ? etc etc All tips appreciated
  21. . Stutopia x2 2. Kev T x1 3. Harrison140 x1 4. andy James x1 5. HEADPHONES 6: Azurez33 7: StormtrooperZ 8. Hammer67 9. Lyndzzz 10. Matay20 x2 11. Rodgeevans 12. Olly350z 13. nismoandy x1 14. Woodzman 15. Loadmaster 16. Willsy
  22. You need to replace the bonnet hinges to do this on the 370, they have those daft pedestrian pop up hinges. Was considering it myself, then I saw what was needed so never bothered following up on it. Torqen listed a kit and hinges, probably still have them.
  23. Been way too long since I updated.... Added some red coolant pipe work, New Z1 Dipstick topper, that was fun to fit..... Nismo mag sump plug, Oil filter (and Oil) and pads for installation before the remap. HFC's on Gotta say, HFC's plus short tails is loud, VERY loud 😆
  24. Absolutely gutted I missed this one, was reasonably local to me and a fantastic area for roads. Some are a little bumpy, especially leading up to that carpark Fingers crossed there is another next year
  25. Seen a few at local Jap meets, they are a great looking car. Was not sure about them at first. But now I have seen a few up close... Would I have one ? nah, its just another BMW 😆
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