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  1. haha nice customisation happy birthday dude!
  2. It's definitely not from a lack of trying I've had a few attempts, pretty sure Kim must've tried too. Somehow, he's still going...
  3. How pink do you like your wheels?
  4. Work faster! We need more entertainment
  5. Sane and rational advice of course. I was gonna suggest kevlar but that's much better, esp when it's from the little scrap pile! Liking the new plate
  6. Definitely not going for a full sheet undertray.... 2 mins later... armour plating. WTF did Kim put in your coffee
  7. Bet that suspension alignment is straighter than out the factory With a couple more winch attachments and a VR headset, you could do virtual buggy rides right there in your garage
  8. Haven't sent you any abuse for a while but this build is so good I'd almost feel bad. Didn't realise it would take 6 hours to sandblast and that attention to detail with the lip around the bracket, knowing no one will ever realise the amount of effort
  9. Surprised it's not stainless steel, given how everything else is rated to industrial usage levels
  10. CHOP IT UP! Inner frame looks nice and symmetrical, can see those extra rails coming in handy...
  11. Sorry Andy gonna drop out unfortunately, I'm having an isolation party (all to myself!).
  12. Sad news, the car has now been sold. Good news, the car's in great hands and should remain within the 350/370z community Mods - do you mind closing this thread?
  13. CAR NOW SOLD Time to sell my dream car (too much NFS Underground in my early days ) Most of you guys will know this car, been owned by forum members for most of its life. Previously owned by Keyser (Zed shed) and DarrenB. Reason for sale is that I don't use it (only 800 miles since last year). It's a beautiful object to have on my drive! Looking to put the money towards covering life + exam expenses whilst I do some further studying. Priced to sell. £16,500 Car will be supplied with 12 months MOT Here's some details:
  14. 1. andy james 2. Humpy 3. CalvinPomfret 4. Stephanie 5. Beb
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