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  1. I may be doing another road trip weekend event next year but C19 is still going to be the deciding factor, guess its a watch this space for the time being. Where in Scotland are you ?
  2. Hate bolt on kit like that, only place bolt on kit looks good is on big 4x4's imo. Tons better looking kits out there than that veilside
  3. Ahh the good old spraying and chipping resurfacing technology. Gets done loads here in the Scottish Borders as its mostly B roads
  4. Hey Marc, good to meet you today, enjoy the forum, plenty of good advice available when you need it
  5. "Some pics below - its all pretty stock at the moment and will be largely keeping it that way". Aye ...... keep telling yourself that bud . Zedititus is highly contagious, best stay off here
  6. ID paper required bud, please add another photo to have it approved
  7. ,have a read through the buyers guide, all you need to know there mate https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/18-350z-faq/
  8. No probs mate, it's yours. PM me your address etc
  9. Anybody interested in a Haynes DIY workshop manual for their 350z ? First come first served
  10. You're a brave lad, self acclaimed Zed noob and buy it from a Japanese auction site !! Got to beg the question, why not go and view uk ones before bidding, least that way you would have an idea on the mods done on Zeds
  11. @DAN@ADRIAN FLUXmy R33 GT-st is due up in a couple of weeks, I'll be in touch tomorrow
  12. Ive got a few trickle chargers in the garage, just cheap ones from Amazon but they do the trick but Ive fitted isloator switches on all my vehicles now, less hassle, just make sure the battery is fully charged and you can just switch off and on as you please if your not using it every day
  13. Stupid is what stupid does. The Yanks are in for a scary time if this is their attitudes towards this pandemic
  14. , bit of a unicorn find there mate, nice one
  15. Unfortunately everybody should be rethinking their holidays this year, homecation will be the new staycation this year
  16. cheapo tyres on it would worry me tbh, very few members on here would put crap tyres on their Zed, even when putting it up for sale. Have you run a mot history check on it, that'll tell you if it's been looked after generally and also very good service history is a must. Zeds are brilliant cars if looked after but theres a lot of dogs around that have been abused. My advice would be always buy off a member here when possible. Theres a much stronger chance it will have a documented history. And any problems its had has been disscussed on the forum amongst members. Good luck with your purchase. PS: Hope you've got a understanding s/o, the virus is real and consuming.
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