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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys also good to hear there are members who know there stuff as so hard to find info on z cars (proper detail stuff that wont blow your car up hahaha) as I may make use of said info in the near future as there are a couple subtle mods I want to do and my mate Marc B also has a few things on his he wishes to change but nothing too drastic for both as we like em as they are very nice to drive with a sweet exhaust tone, defo one THE best cars I have driven - and its a few am in the auld bugger club too am afraid hahaha.
  2. Hi Jim G here my best mate Marc B just told me about this "one stop" place for everything 350z so will take me a while to read a few of the posts so forgive me if I ask silly questions lol I hope to get more involved once I find my way round the site, Thanks
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