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  1. Bus driver in Edinburgh, still working. Bandit screen closed, seats closest to my cab gets taped off and use hand gel at every terminal. Buses are empty 99% of the time, no such thing as rush hour now. Other than the severe lack of toilets to use I'm enjoying it.
  2. Had someone today ask if i would take £10,000 for it. Its up for sale for £15,500. I now see why people use places like we buy any car now.
  3. Yeah know the feeling. Currently got my Subaru wrx sti up for sale. Very little interest and those that have contacted me have made silly offers.
  4. Never owned a Nissan and only on this forum due to my dad. I do love a white 370z nismo. They just lack that bit extra power that would get me to seriously buy one.
  5. Thats a lot of car for not much money
  6. Looking to also get back in a e92 m3 after the year but with the price of the F80s coming down to not much more than a low mileage e92 my head is starting to turn a little. However the V8 has a grip on me, the sound of it with the 4 pipe mod was incredible.
  7. 2 car is defo the way forward. Sold my e92 M3 and got a diesel insignia, went from £80pw to £20 pw in fuel. But after a few months i was bored to tears so went and bought a 2015 wrx sti as a weekend toy. Now i actually enjoy driving the insignia, knowing if i want power its sat at home waiting on me.
  8. The demand is there for them to bring one out. Think the problem is that it will have a massive effect on focus RS sales and they can't be allowing that.
  9. What gains will it see with a remap? Being n/a can't be much id imagine.
  10. If you don't mind horrendous fuel cost a DCT e92 is a brilliant daily. Comfortable, easy in traffic, plenty room for tall drivers. Touch of a button it turns into an animal.
  11. My Peugeot 306 did something similar. When idealing the revs would dip and sometimes stall. No idea what caused it however.
  12. Shame these hadn't arrived in time for the trip
  13. Great trip, despite the weather, with great people. Hope you all had a safe trip back south.





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