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  1. So........ I have a new one for everyone, I finally got the key coding to work! However, it involved me getting it by sheer luck as it only seemed to work for my by double clicking the unlock button after I went through certain steps! Very strange, but I now have working keys again! Cheers for all the help and direction though as usual.
  2. Again, tried and tried and tried, I think the issue is that I do not have a working original remote to unlock the car and initiate the "handshake" I am having to manully open the car with my key. Total nightmare and just about to bite the bullet and part with £270! I appreciate your offer mate, I will pm you.
  3. Yeah they are from a 350z and it's a UK car, mate works in a breakers yard and got me the keys to try, didn't work though. Looking like i'm gonna be £270 lighter soon!
  4. Tried and tried and tried again, getting all flashing etc as I should, but key still won't lock/unlock remotely
  5. So, about a year ago, my lock switch from the internal of my key broke off the main board, disaster! Anyway low and behold it has now happened to my second key, obviously I must be pressing it like the hulk or something! I managed to get two used keys from a breaker mate, have replaced the board, blade and immobiliser internals with mine so the car still starts etc however I cannot reprogram the new fob for remote locking as none of my originals work to allow me to start the programming sequence. Has anyone any suggestions as Nissan quoted me almost £270 a key! Couple of helpful guys on here have offered me some possible send away options, but just wondering if anyone has any diy ideas?
  6. Thats what I was hoping veeg33, so this can be done?
  7. Got two keys from a mate who works at a breakers for £35 so thought i'd give it a try, I only need the boards from inside with the buttons. Guess i'll find out. Nissan qouted me £270 a key!!
  8. Both of my keys have now became broken and I was wondering if someone could help. The problem I am having is that the actual motherboards inside have became broken, however the car still starts just doesn't unlock/lock.My question is, if I was to buy used keys which are much cheaper than new, would I be able to just take the actual board from them and do a manual reprogramme obviously still using my original immobiliser chip and key blade? Or does the board and chip work in sync? please if anyone has any ideas let me know as I am now manually locking and unlocking which is becoming a pain.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has or knows of any ARK HFC's for sale or even for part swap for my berks hfc's. I am looking for something with a bit less rasp than my berks. These look like the way forward.
  10. Funnily enough, I have just done 107,500 miles in mine and have just purchased a new exedy clutch kit and luk dmf. Getting fitted early next week and cannot wait! Been a nightmare nursing the zed!
  11. Might just be me but sounds like a heat shield rattle from exhaust somewhere.
  12. drysd4le


    I did mine almost three years ago now, and no problems so far, I am however not disagreeing with you, maybe I just got lucky
  13. drysd4le


    I just wrapped over existing, I used 3m heavy duty fabric glue, it is a bit daunting but definitely worth it.
  14. drysd4le


    Hi, I did mine in a black suede material, I did this myself, with absolutely no experience and in my opionion it turned out great. As long as you have a bit of patience, it is easily achievable as a DIY and well worth the effort.
  15. Hi, cheers guys, I have had my reader on it and got two codes, P0300 random/multiple misfire I believe, and also a misfire on cylinder 1, my problem is that when I pull coil form cylinder 1 misfire gets worse!
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