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  1. Thanks Colin, I thought I had learnt my lesson on this as I recently brought Eibach 15mm spacers for the 370z only to encounter the problem you mention above. I thought 20mm spacers would be OK as my brother has 370 wheels with 20mm spacers on his 350. Will see if I can whip one of his wheels and spacers off to do a test fit! Cheers Nick
  2. Looking good, what bulb upgrades did you choose?
  3. Nice welcome! I've just got a black edition, mine is quartz. Is it one of the current 3 on Autotrader?
  4. Wanted - 20mm Eibach spacers for 370z. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Recently purchased a black edition, for some reason mine is missing the emblem on the rear strut that indicates the build number etc. Any idea where I can find out what build number mine is and secondly how to get a badge? I have contact Nissan with no joy as yet!..... Thanks (Mine is a Quartz )
  6. Cheers guys. Got a pressure test done today at Horsham. All good, idle was 38. So nice and strong. They told me to forget about it. Might just get it checked annually .
  7. Evening all, Recently moved from a 350 HR to a 370 black edition. I had the oil gallery gaskets replaced on the HR for peace of mind, when the guys at Horsham replaced them there didn’t seem to be any sign of failure, but as said I went ahead for peace of mind, not to mention many posts on here of people experiencing gasket failure on the HR. So the 370 being a 2010 still has the same paper gaskets, has anyone on here had them fail / replaced? Doesn’t seem to be as common.... cheers
  8. Thanks for this, got a 370 yesterday, first mod, a money saving one this time, that makes a change!
  9. Welcome! It's a great forum, loads of useful info and knowledgeable people. I've just sold my 350HR to my 19 year old brother to make way for the 370BE. He's managed to get insurance for £1700, not bad really.
  10. I’ve just moved from a 350 HR which I had for 5 years to a 370 black edition auto and it is awesome, great gearbox for an auto. Not as quick as a a proper robotic manual DCT, DSG etc but not far off.
  11. Thanks Dave, really useful! Sounds pretty much totally the opposite of what I want / need. Use the car 90% for commuting / motorway traffic. Rarely get the time for a weekend blast. I'm hoping the clutch pedal assembly device I posed above may do the trick, the RHD version is under testing at the moment. Loads of good feedback on their site, youtube and Facebook.
  12. Thanks Scobie. I came across this today http://www.rjmperformance.com/350z--g35-afp-clutch-pedal-kits.html Looks like it would do the trick as the issues seems to be pedal related as opposed to clutch and clutch components.
  13. Hi Guys, I’m after some insight on improvements to clutch feel and engagement once replaced with an aftermarket unit. I have an HR and as we know the clutch feel and engagement on all 350’s isn’t the best and I believe the concentric slave on the HR is particularly crap. I’m looking to replace the clutch setup with the Xtreme Clutch Single Organic Kit inc SMF and CSC, I'm hoping that may provide a nice smooth consistent engagement with the bite point being low to the floor not right at the top like OEM. Does anyone have any experience with these aftermarket clutches and in particular on an HR? Cheers
  14. Nice little convoy from the M3 to crowthorne. Hello to the driver if you are on here.





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