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  1. Fabricator that can fit a 370 bumper on a 350

    It seems to be some way off from the finished article; but I appreciate the recommendation, regardless. I am a fan of the aggressive looking kits. I think it would finish off the rocket bunny kit quite nicely instead of the stock bumper. This is definitely something I need to look at and press on with!
  2. Fabricator that can fit a 370 bumper on a 350

    I'm in love with the Varis V2 370 rear - that's why! I don't fancy a 370 over the 350 I already have. It's a preference!
  3. So I'm looking for a fabricator/body shop near Windsor/Slough/Reading (willing to travel within reason) that can fit a 370 rear bumper into a 350. Go!
  4. Bodybuilding.

    In what sense?! It's the in thing now to be able to do that isn't it. Like parkour used to be. See a lot if this "gym vs street" workout stuff lately. Using playground equipment etc. Callisthenics has always had quite a big following. I don't think it's particularly 'fashionable' at the moment, not compared to the likes of CrossFit etc
  5. Bodybuilding.

    In what sense?!
  6. Bodybuilding.

    Set myself a new challenge!! Follow and watch me progress
  7. A few parts for sale

    I'll be on the reserve list for the gear knob please!
  8. Bodybuilding.

    Been a while since I checked in! Training for me is going quite nicely. Started Deadlifting and Squatting again now that my knee can take it and the bar is getting heavier and heavier at a nice pace, so I'm feeling happy with it all. Eating is absolutely terrible but it's not bugging me too much as things stand. I wonder which injury awaits me next!
  9. I've just started again on The Division. It's hard work grinding up to level 30 again! But the dark zone is still full of backstabbing wasters and I love it!
  10. It loses it's appeal after a very short amount of time, unfortunately.
  11. Just the 1 for me please! All donated (:
  12. I've ended up buying Civ 4: Colonization for a bit of nostalgia - although it is the remake. Having had a few goes at it I'm now tempted to just pay the colossal £5 asking price for the actual original version that I used to play on the Commodore Amiga 500. Oh how far games have come...
  13. Bodybuilding.

    Traps still won't grow!!
  14. I'm playing it now, usually I play the deprived class which has no starting stats, it makes the start a bit harder but you can usually farm some starting enemies and level up before hitting the first boss. In DS3 there's a boss immediately, no way to avoid it... yes you can beat him as deprived but I'm not going to bother as it's too much effort. SPOILER ALERT!! Game ruined now.