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  1. Cheap replacement Mintex pads will give the same feel.I have a set with about 25miles on them, been in the garage for years! Brembo give far better bite and modulation.
  2. spa1

    Front Discs

    Sorry, forgot to say I went for the Dimpled grooved type with the silver anti corrosion treatment.Is it woryh the twenty quid extra? Ill let you know after winter has finished.
  3. spa1

    Front Discs

    Jumping in on this thread, have three month old MTech front discs with Brembo pads.Overall result is excellent! Smooth -proggresive, and great modulation.Highly recommended.Just dont go for the Mintex offer.Did five hundred miles thinking they would 'come good', they didnt and are now in my garage.
  4. spa1

    2007 350z

    Wanted for above.LHD Left headlight.New or in vgc please.
  5. Here in Germany thier use is compulsory from Oct till March.Dunlop M3s are absolutely brilliant snow ice and rain.
  6. Fair comments re National Clutch.BUT, unless you already know these things.Alex was right, although pressure and cetre plate part numbers matched they are certainly not LUK part numbers. Not as shown on ebay so whole kit is now on its way back to supplier and ebay made aware of the situation. Meanwhile a complete kit is on its way to my German race mechanic friend, apparently its an upgraded kit from a well known manufacturer here in Germany-not LUK.Comes out at just over €100 cheaper as well.Im told I will still be happy with it this time next year regardless of how many laps I throw at it.We shall see.
  7. Although its not fitted yet, I ordered my LUK clutch on Tuesday afternoon from Techniclutch, very helpful and pleasant to deal with. This morning at ten thirty a van turned up with my clutch! I live in Germany so did not expect a day and and a half turn around expecially as delivery was included in the £309 price!!! New clutch goes in tomorrow unless I get called to give more Instruction that is.
  8. Good luck with that, sounds a possible get out.
  9. OK thanks for that.To be honest I think the extra noise caused by the sm flywheel will annoy me, tend to think a dm will better suit my needs.Do you send to Germany? If so a quote on LUK dm plus a decent clutch kit would be good please.Cheers.
  10. As a "international comparison", I stupidly got caught doing 88 kph in a 50kph locally to where I live inside the Nordschleife earier this year. (yes your right I should have known better:)) Result was €148 with one point.As I dont have or need a German licence the point just hangs in limbo. ) Lesson to learn by.When leaving the main gate turning right off of the roundabout, make sure you stick to the fifty limit as there is often an unmarked car sitting just the other side of the Meuspath turning on the left. Alongside me awaiting the bad news was a brit GTR driver-dont know what happened to him after getting caught at 183kph though.!!!!!.
  11. So LUK is a crap kit? Anyone on here actually used one?
  12. Ah, but the car did not have your orange sticker on the back;)) But not that many off season.
  13. OK is your car black and still on brit plates? Followed a z through Adenau about five yesterday afternoon.Car was twoo cars ahead so couldn't really flash or wave.
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