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  1. You're a bit late to the party on this thread
  2. Ditto, although would not say "sterile" but driving it is so easy and safe (the grip in the wet was astonishing with MPSS) that it is certainly not a 'driver's car' in the same way as the Zeds, or the Porsche I now have. But if 4/5 seats is your need and to get you from A to B quickly with no dramas, then there is not much out there to beat it IMHO.
  3. After my 3 ZEDs came this 2014 A45 Back to 2 seats with this 2018 718 Cayman And to replace the Polo shopping trolly, this 2019 i30N, but don't tell the other half what the N stands for I tell you, the way this Hyundai drives is keeping me out of the Cayman and the kit it comes with as standard for £25k is ridiculous. Huge fun.
  4. After 40 years of car ownership I'd never had a sports car, until my first Zed in 2004. Then 10 years of pure driving fun and having joined the forum in 2005 and loving the drive-outs particularly in Wales and Scotland with fellow forum members, many who continue as good friends and with whom we we still enjoy drives together. Honestly, the best driving experiences in my life with other ZED owners, and that is why I stick around on here to hear about others Zed experiences. Yeah, life circumstances mean there comes the time you move on in car ownership, initially in my case because 4 seats became a necessity but then putting on the years woke me up other cars that I have been in the fortunate position to acquire and enjoy their driving attributes and yes, in the absence of Nissan failing to bring out a tempting successor to the 370. I guess the time may come soon that I might be driving something non-fossil-fueled in the not too distant future......hopefully something a little more exciting than a mobility scooter , given this petrolhead's days are numbered.
  5. As it is the best annual show worldwide, of course it is going to be busy but as said above my advice, having been quite regularly, is to go on a Thursday or Friday to check out the 'off-hill' action and then watch the hill action on the Saturday or Sunday and vary your viewing places during the day's action. Arrive early - yes there will be queues even at 6am, but there will be longer queues later and the stands/hill will be more packed as the mornings go on. Try and pic spots opposite the big screens so you see more of the hill action and use the ear pieces to hear the live commentary. Recommend you you get yourself to the top of the hill at some point as the arrival of the cars/bikes etc and the antics many get up to are worth seeing The other fav bit for me is the assembly area before the runs and which is also used by the likes of Terry Grant and his team. I also enjoy the rally stage, but not everyone's taste so it is relatively crowd free. And for anyone who can't get along and can't be doing with the crowds, remember the whole weekend is streamed live (the presentation is excellent) so you can watch from your armchair and keep dry! Enjoy!!
  6. If a new Zed does appear before I kick the bucket......and what it offers suits me, then yes, my Cayman may have to go, as it good as it is and whilst the Porsche customer care is second to none including a couple of free days at their Silverstone track, I still hanker after a another Zed as the 3 I had were all brilliant for me.
  7. Needs a garage first and in Richmond that ain't easy...... Pleased for you Col - always had respect for your choice of cars that have been something different from the norm and great choices
  8. Me too, and maybe for road cars too as I'm not convinced the battery laden vehicles on our roads are not a 'green' way forward as manufacturers would like us to believe, particularly given the processes needed to produce those batteries.
  9. Some stunning cars and, er, 'accessories' on display but this one deserves the prize of "in the worst possible taste...."
  10. Excellent news, and given what Andy already does to help members enjoy their Zeds and the forum
  11. Ebized


    Here he is - a Member Trader on here who been with the forum since its earliest days and has helped to keep thousands of members cars running and is a major source of parts for the Zeds. https://www.350z-uk.com/profile/9648-zmanalex/ I can understand your query being a new member and it's a shame there is not a 'sticky' in the member traders area to help identify these members who do an invaluable job.
  12. Not with internal combustion engines (that we enjoy) for much longer I fear, as the article in the link sadly predicts. But then F1 in particular has lost a lot of interest by the casual followers anyway - the absence of interest on this forum being an example and quite understandable in the way the F1 has been run/regulated in recent times. Inevitable really given the climate change evidence as manufacturers increasingly move to non-fossil fueled, in part or in whole, transport. https://thejudge13.com/2019/12/03/honda-pull-out-of-f1-red-bull-quits-manufacturers-question-participation/ Enjoy your ZEDS while you can as generations to come will not be able to do so....
  13. Certainly missed - a sad loss for the forum who did so much. RIP Mart.
  14. Probably before they discovered tinternet and the competition!
  15. I'm going to give NFU a go at renewal time - heard good reports, but no idea what they may charge. https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/insurance/motor-insurance/car-insurance/
  16. Looks like it is your end as just logged on OK at 11.25 Link: https://waxandshine.co.uk/
  17. Great offers - 4 items ordered But sorry to hear you cannot justify keeping the business going





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