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  1. How do you fit them on? Do you use a bond or are they mechanically connected via drilling holes and bolts?
  2. That's two garages in Cardiff that have turned down the job to replace the w bar and braces... going to try Niss Tec next and possibly Horsham Developments if Niss Tec turn it down. Couldn't find any other recommendations on here for South Wales. Am I going to have to say goodbye bye over some rust?
  3. I've only ever found the one garage that I can trust for MOT and servicing but they are too small to take on any job that needs more than a day really. I always bump into people who say "my mates got that car" and I've never found a mechanic that's said "I've worked on one before". I've seen you all driving around Cardiff, I imagine everyone has turned to DIY as you said Ian, lack of trust.
  4. Good to have them on my list anyway. I don't know many good garages and I'm willing to travel, cheers mate.
  5. That's a relief to know it's been done, thanks for sharing the photos. I was a bit worried because the MOT station said they've never worked on a Z before so they have no idea how bad it is. Mind you it's the same where ever i take my Z all the mechanics say they've never worked on one before so it's always a new problem for them and they are all unsure.
  6. A little research done, I think I need the rear lower 'W' brace and Kidney Braces, do you have a price for these and are they in stock @ZMANALEX ?
  7. I didn't try that and thinking back, the Pirelli sales rep didn't say if there was an issue with them but he said he's taking them back for testing. I never had a response to if they were dodgy or not. He did get some gloves on and was testing the tyres with his thumbs pushing in different parts or the tyres. No idea what he was feeling for Sorry there's no definitive answer but if anything, I was impressed that Pirelli sent a person out to investigate. Not sure any other type company would do that?
  8. I never put the resolution in this thread. I had a Pirelli sale rep work with me and he offered a discount if I bought a front pair of Pirelli Zero's, he then replaced the rears for free with the same model of tyre. I went with it and the handling was absolutely fine after that. Although I could tell the handling was not as good as the original Michelin Pilot Super Sport. The main thing was that all the wobble in the handling instantly f**ked off. A right school boy error getting two different tyre brands on the front and back
  9. Edit: Passed the MOT, thanks to @ZMANALEXfor the parts and to Simon from Nis-Tec garage in Swansea for taking this on and doing a great job. Spent 3 days drilling out all the bolts and doing other bits of work. Back on the road and loving the Zed again Hey all, had some bad news on my MOT and now I'm without my Z I'm not sure how this wasn't picked up in previous MOT's because there's no way this has rusted like this within 12 months. I would have changed this before it got this bad if I knew. I've tried searching for existing posts but I don't know the name of this part. I have
  10. Mitchelin Pilot Superspot 275 mm still available at least in my area, Formula 1 or ATS. 245 PSS no longer made I may have the last 2 in the country. Apologies!!

  11. Left a bit stumped on what to buy in the future. I have OME wheels on my '03 Zed and Michelin stopped making the Pilot Super Sport for the rear size :'( My previous set up had amazing handling, reaction and control. I felt safe driving fast as the car did what I wanted to do. Front 235/45R18: Michelin Pilot Super Sport Rear 245/45R18: Michelin Pilot Super Sport Now I know the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is meant to be the sucessor of the Pilot Super Sport but the Pilot Sport 4S is only being made for 19/20" rims and I cannot get them on my car unless I buy new rims. I cannot get the
  12. The ultimate test is for me to obtain anther set of the previous tyres I had 'Michelin Pilot Super Sport' but they don't make them for my wheel size anymore... Once I find some partworn or cheaper new onces I'll know for sure if it was a simple mistake of ordering Pirelli Nero Zero GT's.
  13. Apparently the Pirelli Zero Nero GT 245/45R18 only come in XL. Good shout still, I'll have to check on the actual tyres when i see my car tomorrow.
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