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  1. In both the points under the wrap there are paint touch-ups that look like being done with the spray bottle, this makes me think that there may be poorly repaired bits coming out again
  2. Here's the photos. It's not very easy to see because of the vinyl wrap but I would like to have it fixed as soon as possible. Honestly I'm not a fan of welded patches, if possible I would rather replace the whole thing and solve the problem for good (I was considering also composite or grp arches as possible options)
  3. Well, for now it's just a couple of spots near the refuel door but I want to solve the problem for good somehow
  4. Hello to everybody. I need to fix a pair of rust bits on the driver's side rear arch, does somebody here know a garage in the south west that may be willing to do the job? I say "willing" because I've already tried a couple of them but it seems that nobody here needs to work (I keep being told "I'll call you back..." Many thanks
  5. You won't find much help here for this kind of issue: I've got the same problem and did a post months ago but zero answer. About the fiberglass I fully agree but aftermarket metal ones can also be good if you spray Dinitrol on the back before installing them. For 35 GBP honestly I wouldn't expect them to fit perfectly but may be worth to try, if they don't fit you're not gonna lose much money anyway. It's more complicated with the rear ones because the OEM spares cost really stupid money (for that amount I'd go for the carbon fiber). I was considering this: https://www.firefly-speedshop.
  6. Well, actually I don't know what intake kit works better on the 350 but in my opinion they're worth the money only if you're doing a serious NA build (exactly the same experience I had: a friend with an EVO 4 who went for a cheap one). The stock intake is already quite good. The Cobra exhaust is good and sounds amazing, but have it installed in a garage that knows the business because sometimes the coupling flanges are not perfectly flat and may need a bit of adjustment, and use thick gaskets (I had an engine warning light after 300 miles and my local garage did 2 lambda resets with no re
  7. Hello and welcome. I would skip the intake kit for now, unless you're going for a very good one because there is a lot of cheap and middle-range stuff on the market that look awesome but lacks a proper heat insulation and you can end up with the engine breathing warmer air than with the stock one, with loss of power instead of gain. I've got the same car as you, a 04 DE, and fitted a Cobra sport exhaust with hi-flow cats and installed a plenum spacer, a k&n panel filter and put in the airbox the velocity stack that comes factory fitted on rev-up and HR models, plus obviously a re
  8. steven.b


    Hello. As many of you did, I have experienced a pair of small rust bits on the rear arch (driver side). They've been filed and filled and for now seem to be fine but I was considering to solve the problem once for all replacing the quarter panels with others made in GRP or composite. Does anybody know a workshop that sells and can install them? (I've already contacted Meduza but their ones are actually an extension for a body kit) I'm based in Hampshire but if necessary I can travel a bit.
  9. No the car has got a wrap, the original colour is silver. It's a firmament blue, the guys who applied it said it's "Hexis firmament blue gloss xx20033b".
  10. Hello to everybody. I'm a new member from the south (Hampshire) who recently moved from offroaders to sportscars and that's my 16-years-old zed (purchased 1 year ago).
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