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  1. hahahaha! The wee one is 2yrs 5 months! Nah we’re UAE bound now mate! Hope all is well!
  2. Hahaha yeah I keep up with your Facebook, can’t wait to see the v8 finished off!
  3. Sorry to hear that mate! Good to hear you’re on the mend now! What have you got these days?
  4. Nah not for me unfortunately, hoping to emigrate later this year. Next thing on the cards will be a Raptor truck hopefully.
  5. Hi Paul! I remember it well! Blew the head off me if I remember right 😂 Hope you’re keeping well mate!
  6. Doing great mate thanks! Is that the current wheels in the signature? Very nice! I bought the G30 5 series when it came out and kept a hold of it when car prices rocketed. Trying to talk myself into buying something silly again. I did see my old car up for sale a year or so ago but it had been ruined with v2 front bumper.
  7. All is well mate! I trust you are well too! A lot has happened since I left here- Married, Kid etc…. I assume you’re still spending your days at Knockers?
  8. Had a memory pop up on failbook today, just thought I’d check in and see how everybody is doing and if any of the old squad are still around. Not in a zed or likely to be back in one any time soon, Diesel family wagons all round at the moment. Hope everybody is well! Now to clear out a very full message inbox…..
  9. Behave yourself. All my messages go to all my devices. I'm a busy boy these days!
  10. So you have mate, I don't know how I've missed them! They're showing as read, so can only assume they were read on my MacBook or iMac at home, if somebody has been using it.
  11. No worries, thanks for texting back What's next? you text?
  12. Thanks for the support Irfan It's sitting not getting used mate, feel bad watching it do nothing when somebody could be having fun in it! There will be a new steed or 2 replacing it and the 1 series though
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