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  1. Boost is indicated on the Defi gauge above the cubby. I don't follow the max .55 bar comment.. seems very low! Mark at Abbey knows all of it
  2. I've had requests for interior pics... Generally pretty smart
  3. **SOLD ** Serviced and MOT'd 2 months ago Power · 3.5 Litre 2004 engine · APS Twin Garret GT2535R Turbo Water-cooled · APS design enlarged oil sump (6.5 litres) · APS design High flow Fuel Injectors · Twin Air intake and comprehensive pipe, ducting and manifold kit. · Berk Hi-Flow catalytic convertors · APS 2.5" True-Dual Exhaust (£1000 upgrade) · UPREV licence, map & 392 BHP at the wheelhubs measured at Abbey Motorsports Exterior · Rear reversing camera feeding to Cabin Head Unit · 19inch Alloys staggered 9.5/
  4. Help. I'm only back at the weekends, working the week in Gibraltar. I need an engine detail - ideally today - willing to pay well for a fast responder phone is zero nine oh one triple three triple zero CHOBHAM WOKING AREA
  5. Gutted......... One of Life's Giants.. My thoughts go to the family
  6. Martin W

    Turbo charged 350z

    Isn't there an age limit to post here ?
  7. Martin W

    Turbo charged 350z

    I'm considering selling. Want to pm me an email addy to start Twin turbo. Serviced by Abbey. 51000 miles 54 plate
  8. Altho i'm not externally kitted.... And at 5:15 I was in Canary Wharf
  9. The mods are mainly two turbos. I had a start at a for sale thread I'll pm ya later
  10. I just been told to get a car with 4 seats by the Mrts.... I could be interested in a PX a) What year is the car I have a GM with a few extras, would this bother you ?
  11. I will have a set of 20mm Eibach spacers for sale soon (The usual setup for those with 18" Rays) Whats the usual going rate for a used set nowadays ??
  12. I don't like to say listen to the voice of experience, but you are 10 miles from Abbey. These are the people who look after ProjectZEd - the 6 second 350z Drag Car I'll never go anywhere else for my Turbo 's servicing and if I had to pick a different tuner to re-fit the APS TT kit that I have on it would be Abbey, even if they were twice as much as anyone else. Cuz I know they'll get it right I"ve driven the DSA Z persannally. I still recommend Abbey
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