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  1. Yeah, not like I owned both or anything. Fine, a 9x7 costs a little more at a service cos it needs more oil than a Z33 every time. That cost is offset by being better on fuel, hence I stand by my comment.
  2. Again, a 9x7 costs the same to run and maintain as a 350Z. Yes if the big bits go it’s more expensive, but that’s no more common between either marque. Get a manual ‘box (which you should), a couple of £25 rad protectors for the front grills (no brainer), a boroscope engine inspection (because you’d be mad not to) and you really don’t need a warranty.
  3. JAE mid-2000s was the best! Used to love going there, and you could always guarantee the Impreza lot would always be standing in identical blue WRC jackets 😂😂😂
  4. I sadly just googled the boot space of both cars, 235L on the 350 and 275L on the cayman plus the 150L in the frunk. Bigger than I thought tbh!
  5. Ironically, the 987 does GT better than either Z mentioned here, as well as being more sporty and having likely having more luggage space (that one’s a guess, before anyone finds a YT video proving me wrong!). They’re the two cars being compared by the OP, so I think it’s fair of me to say one is better than the other. In the bits where I have said the 987 is better, can you honestly argue that I’m wrong on any count?
  6. There will always be a premium on the EV stuff right now, manufacturers would be bonkers not to take advantage of early adopters while they can. What will really hurt is when we get a mainstream performance EV that doesn’t cost a bomb. Then watch what happens…
  7. I can’t believe that anyone is seriously arguing that a 987 isn’t better than a Z33 (or a Z34, for that matter) in any way that matters. Yes it should be better because of the initial cost, but still it’s better. Whether the individual prefers it or not is a different kettle of fish, of course. And yes, the Z33 is great value for the money. The 987 just happens to be even better right now.
  8. Not at all, I’d say it might be more enjoyable as you get to wring its neck without hitting licence losing speeds too quickly. But yes, the S is what you’d ideally want.
  9. Better in every way that matters. Better chassis, better interior, better noise, better balance, and the same costs to run and own. 987.1 leaves you somewhat at the mercy of the M97 issues, but the odds of either IMS or D-chunk failed are about 5% (but expensive to fix!).
  10. Water temp is irrelevant, it’s oil temp you need to look at for spirited driving. I’m guessing you’ve got about the same 9L-odd of oil in yours I had in my Pork, so it takes about 10-15 mins to get there. Imho you’re being waaaaayyyyy too cautious with driving, under 3-4rpm until warm is more than enough, actual road speed doesn’t matter gearbox being a bit slow I genuinely suspect is in your head: your box is much newer than mine was, and I never had any jerkiness at all. Could well be that the gearbox oil is just a bit chilly this time of year is all. Bearing in mind your engine is DFi, you don’t want to be pootling around as otherwise it’s going to get all clogged up. Try letting yourself get used to changing at 3krpm, or whatever the PDK wants to in Normal mode. You want the engine warmed up as quickly as possible to prevent engine wear It does sound rather like the other guy is a bit of a knobber about the noise tbh. I’d ignore him.
  11. You should be driving straight away after starting it up anyway. If the car feels sluggish then either you’re trying to rev the nuts off it before it’s ready, there’s something wrong or it’s all in your head. That said, it’s not obnoxious nor is it an unreasonable time. Did you have any issues with this neighbour prior to the car? You say no, but it’s odd that this has set him right off.
  12. They’re really good as well, I’ve tried them on a 997.1 and they were easy a match for the OEM on my 997.2. Totally rebuildable to your own specs too.
  13. I love how you are so specific about the 911 Targa (weird choice btw, why?!), but just say Exige when there’s about 3854 derivatives 😂
  14. That car, that colour. The pinnacle of the analogue supercar.
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