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  1. Check levels first, drain and refill if necessary. My first guess would be overfilled.
  2. Well duh. There’s more Teslas than any other semi-autonomous vehicles on the road, so of course they’ll have the highest rate of accidents. It’s a bit like saying more BMWs crash than Ferraris: there’s simply more of them. Honestly, Daily Fail at their worst making an article out of that.
  3. VED has nothing to with the upkeep of the roads. Hasn’t done for donkeys years. As such, drivers don’t directly pay towards the upkeep of the roads any more than cyclists do. There’s been a huge surge in cyclists on the roads in recent years, which in turn has led to more accidents. Whilst I may not agree with many of the recent changes to the HC, leaving a substantial gap between yourself and a vulnerable road user is not one of them. It’s simple common sense to protect your vehicle, as well as another human being.
  4. Certainly not cool, but could be okay as long as it stays true to the actual story (which is cool) and doesn’t add generic love story/dying relative’s last wish nonsense into it.
  5. Got exactly what he deserved, no excuse for driving like that. He had the whole of the road to use, didn’t do it and paid the price AFTER ignoring a course AND an FPN! Cretin of the highest order. If there is space to pass, use all of the road. If you can’t, then there isn’t space to pass full stop. Applies to overtaking anything.
  6. Pfft, I’m not sure the aero is that effective on the NC roof up or down! just brake less, that’s the answer. Oh wait, you did try that as per the video above 😅
  7. Looks like your roof is broken mate, it appears to be stuck up on a lovely summer’s day…
  8. Can we all just take a moment to note the fact someone just called me a “reasonable chap” please? 😮 Man, I’m clearly losing my mojo! 😂 Good post, and I can totally appreciate where you’re coming from after your reply to Doc 👍
  9. Must admit I took a punt on the CL, but given your encouragement on them Doc and the good stuff from the Elise guys on them I figured the cost was worth a go. Not a single regret at all, real world experience counts for an awful lot when you speak to guys who have tried a lot of different items.
  10. Sorry, I’m with Doc on this one. If you want to argue your case then do so, but so far you’ve come up with nowt more than “oh look what it says on the website”. Not sure what a Hyundai has to do with anything either, and also don’t mistake sharp brakes for good brakes. Genuinely interested to hear a counterpoint on this, we could always stand to learn more about brakes if you’re an expert (and that’s not said with any sarcasm at all, I promise). Big fan of CL5+ here too, been on the MX5 for well over a year now and yes they squeak, but my god do they stop. Must admit though in sub zero temps I’ve had the first stop almost not be a stop at all, but then my car weighs a few hundred kilo less so I suspect that might come into a play a bit.
  11. Not trying to be horrible, but you might want to rethink and redo those photos: I’m sure the seats are in good nick, but showing close up photos of the centre of the seat base repeatedly in bad light isn’t going to help you get a sale get some wider shots showing the whole thing, rotate them so they’re the right way up, and you’ll have no probs getting a sale I’m sure!
  12. Two abreast is a safer overtake than two in single file: your TED is much smaller and you should be fully on the opposite side of the road anyway in case they fall off and smack into your car when passing them.
  13. Any performance car in London traffic doesn’t make sense, but who buys a performance car to sit in central London?!
  14. So that’s ten cars sold then. Or a hundred. Or a million. Or a gajillion.
  15. Ekona

    First Mods

    A very good post Martin, and a good point made. I certainly used to subscribe to the same idea: do a little bit at a time, enjoy that, then move onto the next. And then… I kinda realised it takes you years to get to the place where the car is perfect for you, when you could just have enjoyed it at its perfection for much longer had you smashed the upgrades in straightaway. Cos invariably the car gets to the point of perfection then you simply sell it as you’ve had it too long and fancy a change! Not saying either way is the right way, just another POV.
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