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  1. Hi mileage Honda's are no problem so I wouldn't worry. My DC5 is on 126k and does around 8 - 10 track days a year and has never once broken down or had a single problem. I've got Castle Combe coming up in a couple of weeks followed by two days back to back at Spa and it will be fine and I was going to be doing The Ring the day after as well. My EP3 before was the same. The K20 engine is amazing. With £5k, you will be tight to find a nice low mile FN2 but that one looks nice and as I say, high mile k20's are not a problem, especially if it has services history. Remember to check the gov MOT website to see it's history and if any advisories. The FN2 will be a bit softer and more modern than her EP3 which may or may not be a problem. Good luck.
  2. I've done, Spa Castle Combe Rockingham Donington Park Silverstone GP Croft Brands Hatch Hethel Snetterton (old and new) Oulton Park Bedford My favourite is probably Castle Combe although I originally hated it. Love it now. Donington is great also. Not doing as many track days this year but already done Castle Combe, have two back to back days booked at Spa and plan to do Brands, Snetterton and Donington this year. As for circuit I would love to drive then thats a difficult question. One of the following would be amazing, Monza Suzuka Monaco Sebring Tsukuba Le Mans
  3. Awesome, I'll start sharpening my tips just in case I actually have access to pig, cow and goat carcass's so can bring plenty if anyone else needs some. Chickens also if needed. Oh and my crossbow tips can be laced with harmful viruses as well if you like Disembowelling is no problem but I like to play with them first to see how long they last with bits missing. Its a bit of a passion I've had from a young age thats carried over into adulthood hehe Saying that, I do get bored sometimes and just set fire to them. Depends on if they like to play ball or start bitching as soon as I start chopping bits off
  4. Dan, I'd join you axe wielding gang to roam the earth but can I have a crossbow instead like Daryl in The Walking Dead please?
  5. I used to love watching Barry McGuigan. 35 fights, 32 wins and 3 loses. Great little fighter. Eubank Snr. fights were always entertaining. As already mentioned,an amazing chin.
  6. I was thinking that as well lol
  7. The Type R always was supposed to be a road going race car. Raw and stripped out but compliant to legislation to keep it road legal. The EK9 and DC2 were certainly these things and the DC5 and EP3 were also in most cases, certainly the DC5 is more track focused and raw than an EP3 that has electronic steering and less feedback. The FN2 onwards has lost a lot of what a Type R is all about and become heavier, less involving, more gadgets, more creature comforts and is easier to live with daily. I would love to see Honda make a true sports car, based around an S2000 to compete with the Lotus Elise/Exige. Keep it simple, fairly stripped out, great handling, Brembo brakes, lightweight with 250 - 300 bhp RWD and stick a Type R badge on it and it would be awesome.
  8. It is a bit of a mess. Just seems fussy and already riced. The triple exhausts and red piping everywhere is hideous. The thing is, a few years ago, all the hot hatches looked really boring and like every day shopping cars like the Megane 250, Clio 200, Civic FN2, Seat Leon, Golf GTi etc. Now they are going extreme the other way and going totally overboard with big wings, vents, scoops etc. I do like this a lot and 0 - 60 in ubder 4 seconds.
  9. The thing to remember on track days is if a car is behind you and wasn't there a few corners ago, he's clearly faster than you so you might as well let them go, regardless if you are quicker in the corners. What I like about about a slower car is its easier and quicker to reach the limit than in a stupid quick car. I can for example, get to drive my Elise and DC5 at 80% far quicker than say if I had a 911 GT3. It would take many years, many miles on track and tuition to even get to 80% of what the car is capable of. To be honest, unless I am a driving god (unlikley), I don't think I would ever get to the stage where I could drive a 911 GT3 at 80% of its limit. An example is when I took my wife's 1.6 Mk1 MX5 on track at Brands. It was pathetically slow with everything passing me at first. After some tuition and shown how to exploit the power and handling, I was now being held up by Renaultsport Clio's, Porsche's and a 350z. Still being killed on the straights but drifting through Paddock Hill was such a great feeling. The point is, I was able to reach a higher lever much quicker due to the slower nature of the car and easier learning curve. Add to this the benifit of tuition and my own personal experience, within an hour I was having a hoot and lapping as quickly as I had previously in faster cars. The other thing worth rememebering is some people want to go fast on track and some people want to be a quick driver. Both are two very different things. Some people are more than happy to turn up in a crazy quick M3 and bomb down the straights and have no interest in maximising corner speed, balance, braking etc. as they are just happy overtaking cars on the straights. Other's turn up in little Renaultsport Clio's and want to learn how to drive fast on track and the only way you can do this is getting mileage and tuition under your belt. As has been mentioned already, the more you do something the better you get and this is equally valid on track driving. This is why getting up to speed in a slower car is quicker, easier and has long term benifits when starting out rather than a crazy quick car. For the last two years I have been heavily tracking my DC5, roughly doing a track day a month including Spa. My focus was to learn how to drive the car quickly. I've been with the same Lotus and Honda group throughout so I've had a good gauge to measure my progress. When I started yes, I was slow and struggled to keep up but now with lots of track miles under my belt and tuition, I'm either keeping up or passing them and certainly in the wet (my favourite time on track) I'm one of the quickest. Two years on, I'm now being invited to track days with the VTEC Challenge race drivers. Why I asked, I was told I'm one of the quick guys now and at Combe last week at their official test day, in the dry I wasn't being lapped and in the wet I was pretty much keeping up. So practise does make perfect but more importantly I honestly believe that if I started out in a really quick car, I would still be coming to terms with it now, certainly not exploiting as much from it or near its maximum as I am the DC5 and certainly not having as much fun and enjoyment. It's also worth mentioning that not only is it important to learn the driving characteristics of a car, its important to understand the car itself, learn what works on it, what doesn't, what to change and tweak and what to leave well alone. Understanding the car, its characteristics and how to drive it are all part of the big picture. As for a Caterham, I've only driven a 1.6 in anger around Silverstone and Brands with one of the Lotus instuructors next to me and its probably the most fun car I have ever driven. So much feedback and so rewarding. Truely amazing cars so totally agree with the comments everyone has made.
  10. Thanks Michael, if not servicing il definitely enquire about any work I want doing. Sounds like she would be in safe hands there. Cheers í ½í¸Š Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Very welcome Stephanie
  11. Plus, if we are all migrating over, its going to slow down now and we will all be moaning that's its crap
  12. I know Tom at TGM really well so I can highly recommend them. I send all my cars (Lotus, Honda, Subaru and Mazda) to him and wouldn't consider sending them anywhere else. He's a Honda specialist but works on every make of car and has some amazing cars in his workshop all the time from Nissan GTR GT3 race cars, single seater's, to family hatch backs. He also races in 24 hour endurance races and preps race cars for BTCC, Blancpain and other race series as well as my track car. He also loves 350z's and I've seen a fair few in his work shop. If you do go, tell him Michael with the Subaru/Lotus sent you and he'll look after you
  13. Not just me then. I've noticed it's been slow and crap for the last 12 months or so and have considered moving as well. Might check out Imgur.
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