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  1. still sounds like a vacuum cleaner
  2. I would take your mobile number off, vet people via email via gumtree ,you can then filter the w****ers quite quickly, I've sold a Harley and the Z on Gumtree both to really nice people
  3. you just have to have the Patience! Despite having thousands of views over a 2 month period, the one and only person who asked to view bought the car for the asking price. I forgot to say I miss it loads😥
  4. Gunmetal 05 350Z GT now  gone😢 Replaced with BMW X1 23d Xdrive 😩


  5. as this mine was 90 - 100 cold start dropping to 60 when warm after driving 25 - 30 all normal i think Nissan quote anything over 15 when hot , also remember a test cant remember where from 60 mph 6th gear should = 60lbs oil pressure
  6. hey thank you, if they pay the final bit it's going to a really good home🙂
  7. deposit taken today to a really nice young guy (well compared to me) and his dad coming to pick her up Monday went for the asking price, now the sad job of looking for a family car
  8. yeah thanks I know but I do need to sell it, I will not go lower than this, looking at what is out there I think its worth 8k all day long
  9. mine is still for sale, not a HR but a good DE, I am looking at offers seriously now
  10. https://www.gumtree.com/p/nissan/nissan-350z-gt-pack-coupe-v6-manual-2004-just-9k-miles/1438306739
  11. my daughter in law has people in wah wah that is a place? it looks really nice is that near you?
  12. That's the way it goes, thanks mate yours is one of the nicest I've seen and your dedication to it is admirable, I've nearly always had classic cars and motorbikes the bike at the moment wins the battle because it gives me a buzz and it takes up less space, I think what finally bought home that the Zed should go somewhere else is that on Sunday I was coming home from a family wedding in Lyndhurst and had to drive past the cars going to the show
  13. thanks Andy I'm going to regret it I know
  14. Due to the unexpected return home of my Son, Daughter in law and 10 month old Grandson, my 60th birthday present is up for sale 😢 my garage is now full (my sons gym equipment and prams!) so the Zed has lost its home, we need a family car for grandparent duties, and you can't put a baby seat in a Zed and my other car is a Smart {for supermarket duties} and my third vehicle is a motorbike which keeps it's spot in the garage. She is a totally stock 2005 UK Zed GT in Gunmetal with Rays, Brembos, Leather, Bose, factory Sat Nav , and reverse parking sensors, just under 65000 miles I've owned from 53000 3 years ago MOT until March 2023 service history (12 stamps) 8 Nissan 4 specialist last service P3 at 61,000 with diff and gearbox oil and general health check at marque specialist Horsham Developments,2 remote keys wallet and books, New front discs and pads and 4 Bridgestone Potenza S001 at 59500, comes with the plate only points that you may want to do is refurb the alloys as still on original paint with the blue spots, they are starting to corrode it's not a problem apart from aesthetics, plus there is a small scrape on the nearside front arch been there since I bought it didn't really bother me (Look at the pictures its not that easy to spot these issues picture 8 Supplying dealer was EVO Motors in Wiltshire very knowledgeable about 350's look at his old car stock list, he would buy it back but hasn't got anything I can afford to part ex for! So Looking for £7995.00 any inspection welcome, Thanks Steve, forgot to add only run on V power and genuine Nissan parts and fluids used so she is as from the factory as possible,
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