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  1. Hi Dan I don't really need a performance Exhaust. Just one that aint too noisy and won't rot out as quickly as mild steel. Please advise on the more proven ones in that price range?
  2. Hi Folks Just looking at this Gravity GV 1137 Stainless Cat Back Exhaust system for my '55 350Z GT4 Just wondering if anyone has one and if there are any fitting and/or noise issues...I don't want too loud, I reckon they sound ok as standard. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Steve
  3. Hi New to this particular topic..Has anyone got enough time and patience to explain to a complete novice just what is a 1) Burble 2)Crackle 3)Roar 4)Rasp I'm well confused here folks Any advice would be greatly appreciated Ta Steve
  4. Thanks for the replies folks, Though I had a bit of a tiff with Apple a couple of years ago about an unrelated issue I had no joy with Samsung on this one. Never thought I would have said this but find myself drawn toward the iPhone 6. Only thing is, I can run an office compatible program on my Samsung, not sure if there is similar for i OS. Maybe another Android device would be better, provided of course, it works in the car! Thanks Steve
  5. On a similar note, does there exist anywhere a list of current phones that definitely do work as I am due an upgrade? Ta Steve
  6. Is Undercutting shaving a slight amount of the Comm to make it smooth and round again? Does anyone use lubrication of any type on the carbon brushes and sliders when doing this job? Steve
  7. Hi I bought the Nissan hands free bluetooth adapter thing for my 350 and it worked a treat with my Samsung phone, galaxy note 2. All was well until the phone software updated and now it don't work. It connects when i turn the car on but then disconnects after about 10 seconds...grrrr Was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem and also a possible fix? Steve
  8. oops Sorry folks Mine is not No 55 ...Tis No 35! Sorry Steve
  9. mines 55 Ultra Yellow..32000 miles Steve x
  10. Ok folks why are there 2 forums? Me. I joined the both and both are good and helpful why two though,,did I miss something when I signed up? Steve.
  11. Hi Just got my first Z.. tried another forum, got good advice but never seems to be anyone there.. dry as dust.. not my style that..I up for fun so this seems like it maybe a better forum for me...we see. Steve
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