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  1. Welcome to the best Club around.
  2. No need to apologise. Your work behind the scenes is always appreciated!
  3. Went to pick up the car after its service and pre road trip check over. Car looked good as I walked in if I say so myself.
  4. What a cracker of a day! Chilled, relaxing atmosphere, some beautiful cars and a great bunch of people new and old. Cheers all, here is to the next one!
  5. Look forward to seeing you all tommorow. I know another car club will be meeting at Royal Oak, so might be a little bit busy. Nice long stretch of road to park on if needed though.
  6. Now we all know that's not true
  7. Been a while since I've seen you Steve! Be good to see you. If anyone wants to meet up anywhere on route let me know. I be heading off from Winchester direction
  8. Well it is/was the worlds fastest production truck in the world ( even has a badge in the cabin stating that ). So no chance in a drag race! I think I will keep my hairdressers pride intact
  9. A few pics from last weekends local ( ish ) meet - cracking venue with some great back drops. Plus my mates 8.3l V10 Viper truck 😍
  10. Always had a soft spot for the Reno 182's - crazy little cars! Nismo looks spot on and look forward to meeting you at Beaulieu.
  11. and join JDM Coombe Welcome to the club. Shows us some pics You must be relatively close to me location wise ( Winchester here - just down the road from Jez at Horsham )
  12. 1.andy James (350Z) PAID 2. Payco (510) PAID 3. ShortPaul (370Z) 4. nismoandy (350z) PAID 5. L. Schwier (370Z) PAID 6. S. Killick (370Z) PAID 7. Olly350z (370z) 8. Azurez33 (350z) 9. Cals_350z (350z) 10. Humpy ( 370Z ) - PAID 11. Azurez33 (350z) PAID 12. Flashback (350Z) PAID
  13. Dont panic Captain Mannering! Looks like a great day out Stu.
  14. Think this thread needs to be posted with every event that is organised/created. Just so people know the what is expected of them when they put there name down on the list and no excuses that they didn't know etc etc Yes things in life do happen and all it takes is a simple message to say. Tbh it's why I didn't put my name down for Ace which I do normally go to. I just couldn't guarantee that I could make it. Event/REO you have my respect for putting your own personal time and effort into organising shows etc.
  15. Welcome to the club and congratulations on choosing a great car and in one of the best colours. Just got back from a car show this morning at Wilton House ( East meets West )
  16. Didn't we all Stare at that ' particular ' lass at Incarnation today.....
  17. 1. andy James (350Z) 2. Payco (510) 3. ShortPaul (370Z) 4. nismoandy (350z) 5. L. Schwier (370Z) 6. S. Killick (370Z) 7. Olly350z (370z) 8. Azurez33 (350z) 9. Cals_350z (350z) 10. Humpy ( 370Z )
  18. What a cracker Jack of a day! Cheers Andy for organising and like you said a freebie event in such a great location! Great meeting up with the zed gang, always a pleasure. Once again my face feels hotter than the sun! Absolutely frazzled
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