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  1. Awesome. I sold my Zed a few years ago and I regretted that decision ever since. If you ever decide to do any mods etc give us a shout I am quite happy to help if I can I am viewing one near London tomorrow so we will see
  2. Marius

    370Z Nismo

    Hey guys, Going to see/test drive this one on Saturday. I owned a 350Z for a few years before I made a terrible mistake of selling it. Since there isn’t many decent 350s available on the market right now I started looking into 370Z. Anything in in particular I should watch out for? Also, does anyone know if this is a decent price for one? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201803024210773?advertising-location=at_cars&price-to=60000&postcode=ox143dt&model=370 Z&sort=distance&page=2&radius=50&make=NISSAN&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New Thanks all, Marius
  3. Welcome to the forum! I live in Abingdon and currently on a hunt for a Zed
  4. Absolutely stunning Zed. If I had "a wad of cash" I'd be all over it GLWTS
  5. Love the car Where abouts in Scotland are you based?
  6. Hey guys, Still on the hunt for a Zed. I am going to view a few next week sometime. I was just wondering if anyone know anything about this particular one. https://www.gumtree.com/p/nissan/nissan-350z-3.5-v6-2008my-gt-pack-313bhp-nismo-exhaust/1165569828
  7. A bit too far for me unfortunately lovely car tho! GTLWTS
  8. As above, if it was around £10k with the mods, I'd snap it up if milage checked out. £13k seems a bit steep as you can get a supercharged Zeds for that sort of money. But a stunning Zed regardless. GLWTS
  9. Thanks guys, I'll wait for something better. Potentially save up a bit more for a 370Z
  10. Hello mate, currently looking for a Zed. Really interested. Got any pictures of the inside? I live in Abingdon so could maybe make a trip to Milton Keynes next weekend.
  11. Marius

    2009 rev-up

    I was thinking of buying this car as I am currently looking for a new zed, the milage seems genuine and if its as described it seems worth it. I've seen one very similar being snapped up almost immediately but thats probably because it had LMGT4s. What do you guys think? If I was going to have a look, any common issues I should be looking out for? I just wouldn't want to fork out this much for a Zed that has some hidden problems.
  12. Hey guys! Its been a long time since I posted anything constructive on this forum as I've been Zedless for a while. I regret selling my car so much, but whats done its done. So Ive been looking to buy a new 350 or 370Z and after a long time searching/debating/delaying I believe the one that was in the best nick, in my price range and closest to me was this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2009-Nissan-350Z-3-5-V6-GT-Pack-Coupe-Leather-BOSE-Xenons-Heated-Seats-/262286278436?hash=item3d117aff24:g:Fs0AAOSwUuFWvg4A I know this add has been discussed and the car is overpriced but currently I can't find anything similar, age wise, milage wise etc. There was one almost identical but with LMGT4 alloys, a bit more expensive and was snapped up literally immediately. After haggling with the dealer, the best he can supposedly do is £11,400 (and that was a struggle). I am going to see it next Monday, and wondered what should I look for? I just don't want to fork out that much for a Zed that might have some hidden problems (I've had bad experience with traders before). The milage appears to be genuine and MOT history seems legit. Any tips guys? Thanks, Marius



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