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  1. As above, washers stopped working, went to take the plug off to replace the pump and the wires have corroded clean off the plug! So I now need one with the wires attached, a few inches of wires is cool if you have one spare.
  2. Yo Beb! Would you accept a cheeky offer of £25 inc post for your mirror folding kit? Drop me a PM if you like
  3. Hi all! I work in manufacturing and have access to CNC machinery so was thinking of knocking up some camber lock out washers. Question is does anyone know the exact dimensions of said washers? And on top of that does anyone know the specs of the bolts needed? Tensile strength etc? If we can get something sorted I'm happy to start putting kits together for people for cost of materials/time etc? Thanks in advance Jimbo
  4. Doh premature send there, its never happend to me before honest but yeah openeo 12 quid more expensive after my limited looking. Thanks again Dan!
  5. Just got the 4 MPS4s and came in at 533 quid delivered, didn't do much shopping around but openeo were 12 more expensive for what it'
  6. Ahhh awesome, cheers again for your input Dan its greatly appreciated. I've found a few other places that stock both flavours now so I just need to find a few minutes to sit down and compare prices etc now. l'll drop the best prices and where from in here when I do, might help some other folk out? Thanks again mate and happy Zedding to all
  7. Ok so turns out I was being blind (sort of). They do have the fronts in BUT are not reinforced where the backs are? I take it this would make for strange/unsafe handling characteristics?
  8. Ahhh you know what mate a tenner is nothing between forum members, I'll take em. Send me a PM with how to complete the sale etc and I'll get the money over to you today
  9. Ekona! Is it Dan by the way? Sorry for the delay, had a mad weekend and had notifications turned off. Thanks for taking time to look on black circles and reply. I saw your review on the MPS4s and was my first choice tbh but I couldn't see the front sizes? Am I just being blind? Is the 57 quid you quoted overall too i.e. not per corner? I'm on standard rims (well the GT4 style but same as the GT rays)
  10. Ok no worries, if you do have a change of heart please let me know and put me down as first dibs. Thanks for the quick reply
  11. Any further thoughts on letting them go for 150 inc postage mate?
  12. Hi All! Tyre time has arrived and need to replace all 4. I've had MPSS and loved them but with prices skyrocketing I went for the Goodyear A2s last time round and loved them just as much (I don't track the Zed but enjoy spirited driving around the lovely roads near me) however, this time I see there are now A3 variants of the F1s? Do any of you tyre gurus know if these are superior to the A2s or are they the same/worse? They're in XL flavour (see attached screen shot) and seem reasonable on price from blackcircles? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated, cheers guys Jimbo
  13. Sorry mate didn't see your reply. Yeah I'm in the UK (Derbyshire) but 150 is the best I can do, see if anyone else chimes in but if not I'd happily send you the 150 over as soon as you see fit. Thanks for getting back too dude





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