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  1. Bosch


    Can confirm it worked! Bike still intact despite fully expecting to see it bouncing down the motorway in my rear view mirror. Surprised at how easy it was to use, but also a little concerned at how easy it was to remove! It’ll definitely take a few trips to fully trust it.
  2. Bosch


    I've just bought a Seasucker Talon for my 350. Will be using it on Sunday and will report back about how I get on - wish me luck!
  3. Bosch

    Bedford Service

    I use Japex in Kings Langley and happily travel the 50 minutes from Milton Keynes. youll find a number of recommendations for them on the forum.
  4. I got mine from Tarmacsportz. It was about £165 from recollection.
  5. I fitted an Ultra Racing one about 6 months ago. Does the job and costs less. It appears less likely to crumble to rusty powder than the OEM version too.
  6. Bosch

    Coilover advice

    Thanks! I’ll be taking the speed bump free route to the garage for 8am tomorrow morning. Hopefully ill I’ll be able to enjoy driving the car again without a constant banging from the rear every time I hit an undulation in the road.
  7. Bosch

    Coilover advice

    Help! So after having my coil overs fitted, the car had been making a horrendous banging noise from the rear, which I mainly put down to the damper adjusters hitting the boot. I finally got around to trimming them down last weekend and the driver side one came out in my hand together with the damper adjuster at the top of the coil over. A busy week week at work followed and so I’ve only just got out to the car this morning to go and address the issue and see if I could cure the banging. Took it for a spin and the banging was still there. I got the car up on the jack, took the wheel off and found a sheared bolt where the coilver meets the frame. I dread to think how long I have driven like this as I’ve put the banging down to something far more trivial!! So two questions (I) is this safe to drive to the local garage to be fixed and (ii) is this likely to have caused any structural damage to the car or suspension?
  8. Have a look at DBA T2 with Hawk HPS pads or Stoptech pads. I think I got mine for around £500, but can't remember the exact price. I'm very happy with them. Limited track use, but plenty off hooning around the streets.
  9. I’ve been having a root around as well. Got 3 points on my licence which don’t come off until August. Was paying £420 with Admiral last year and renewal came in at £520. Got Adrian Flux in for £420 which is pretty good compared to what’s coming in on the price comparison sites. Will give Chris Knott a go to see if they can beat £420. Im 32 with 9 years NCB.
  10. Bosch

    Coilover advice

    Looks like an exhaust is next on the list of things to do. This one is the original by the looks of it and has had a sleeve repair. The place that did my alignment is a Powerflow exhaust dealer. Anyone had any experience with these? The guy has some stuff on his Instagram (mad_dp) and it looks pretty decent. Quotes come in at roughly the same as an invidia which was probably my preferred option prior to seeing I could get something custom built.
  11. Bosch

    Coilover advice

    Some pictures of rusty ass braces and droplinks and some replacement parts
  12. Bosch

    Coilover advice

    A little bit of an update... So after a day at "This is your Garage", which I would like to say is a fantastic little business, I didn't really achieve half as much as I expected I would. Richard was a real help and offered advice along the way which was really valued given this was my first time working on a car in any meaningful manner. It'd be great if there was one a little closer to me as it was a painful 2 hour drive in stop start traffic getting there for me. 13 years worth of rust made getting some of the nuts and bolts off a real challenge. Progress was slow and so we revised down our aim for the day and settled for replacing the W Brace and fitting the front and rear sway bars. A quick tip for anyone doing swaybars (it's probably been covered before), but if your droplinks have never been replaced, make sure you do it. Mine were a dog to get off and without replacements, I had to drive for a week with a horribly loose feel and a loud clunking over bumps in the road as my old droplinks went back on. Fast forward to this week and having determined a 4 hour round trip, plus a full day working on the car to get the Meister R's fitted wasn't going to work for me, a trip to Tarmac Sportz saw my Meister R's fitted together with some new Whiteline droplinks. I know they'll settle over the next few days, but already the feeling is night and day! The service from Chris and Bob was exemplary - Bob even followed up with a call this morning to check in on how they felt on the drive home. Car is currently in for a 4 wheel-alignment and then fingers crossed my drive down to Bournemouth tomorrow should be fun, with everything feeling spot-on.
  13. Just wanted to say a big thanks to Chris and Bob for looking after my Zed today. From supplying me a a wide range of parts, to stepping in and fitting my new coilovers today when I ran out of skills and time to do it myself. I’ll be back once the bank balance recovers!
  14. Just dropped my Zed in with Buster and saw his in the flesh. Sounds great with the short tails on!
  15. Bosch

    New brakes needs

    What's your budget and how do you use the car? I went for DBA T2 rotors which I'm really pleased with - they're a noticeable improvement on stock (though I also added braided lines at the same time). Got a decent deal from Clark Motorsport who are traders on here. I started with Hawk HPS pads which I really liked and the dust was much less than OEM pads, so my wheels weren't a black mess a couple of days after washing. They started to squeal like pigs after while and so I'm now trying Stoptech pads. Not installed yet, so no feedback but will update as and when.



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