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  1. Hi I'm after a 350z HR power steering pump. Been advised my heavy steering is likely to have been caused by a failing pump. Thanks
  2. Nothing too noticeable really. I did this quite soon after getting it so wasn't really used the the feel. The way I looked at it was that it can't really do any harm. I only did it as in my last car there really was an improvement everything just felt smoother.
  3. michaelgordon


    i know its been a while for this thread but im seriously considering the street basis coilovers rather than new shocks and the tein lowering springs. Any updates to how these have performed? Same sort of situation as in i will not be track just road and after a bit more comfort
  4. i like to bump a really old thread. How are / were these over time? Im thinking of getting these rather than new shocks and the tein lowering springs all round, these are a bit cheaper. im in a similar boat dont track and dont want to sacrifice too much comfort which is important to me. want to go 15-20 mm lower set and forget it.
  5. Any intact or new front part of the front arch liners for sale, both sides? The bit that covers the headlights. Both the bits that hold the tray on have disintegrated. Seen cheap ebay ones but only upto 05. Nissan want £48 each so looking to see if someone can really beat that.
  6. Year old thread bump. Did the DA230 fit properly? I have the 120 and looking to upgrade the the 230 but pioneer specs say a 6.2 inch screen on the 120 but the 230 having a 7 inch screen.
  7. Cheers, really appreciate all the help. I'll be honest, I was not expecting as good a result as I got. There is orange peel but only slightly I've had much worse when painting stuff before and was a scary thought doing it but the way I'm looking at it is. Is it a professional body shop standard - No, probably not even close. Does it look better than it did - Yes definitely all my spots from factory primer or the white undercoat that were showing through have gone the marks and scratches in the bumper after filling are gone and the result is better than expected. Would I do it again - Definitely, considering I was quoted £600 for a bumper and bonnet at a body shop I'm managed to do the bumper for about £30 and a few hours work I have something that hopefully when polished unless really scrutinised will look great, it all ready looks very good just a bit dull.
  8. i got the das6 pro cant believe the price of some of them. Im a weekend warrior at best. ive also sprayed paint and lacquered the front bumper and roof side panels. How long am i best waiting before polishing them? used proper auto colour match paint and 1k lacquer. i know not to wax them for about a month but not sure on polish. Am i best wet sanding with 3000 grit before polishing as well? I was hoping to do the stone chips tomorrow, polish the sprayed panels Friday the do a full polish next weekend to do the bonnet and rest of the car to get all the chips polished out..
  9. Cheers guys. I've machined polished before but realised my technique was poor, after watching a lot of videos, i was going too quick and not doing enough passes, with poor pads as well. Ive learnt my lesson, as punishment i think ill have to invest in a new polisher.
  10. @ilogikal1 Have another quick question for you. I decided to repair the stone chips and have done all the prep just waiting on the paint, i sanded the chips with 3000 grit paper to get them ready and when painted and cleared will wet sand again with 3000 grit to level off. From what ive read i need a medium cut polish to best get the scratches out, ive not bought the scholl polish yet, will the S20 and the tangerine pad be able to get these sanding marks out? or is there a better option? im already set on doing a 2 stage with the s20 & s30 and Ill be using my Argos xtreme da with a 5" plate unless either a das 6 v2 or pro would be that much better.
  11. How are people finding the excide batteries? Mine needs replacing, its this or the Bosch S5? Worth the extra £20 for the bosch
  12. Will do thanks, im going to check and clean at weekend see if that resolves the problem.
  13. Massive thread bump, i think my sensor has gone, how has this lasted? Nissan have quoted £130 for a new one
  14. cheers guys. Really helpful as usual. Dont suppose either of you could recommend a place to get a colour coded pen from? Got a couple marks that would be too expensive to get sorted just noticeable, ill be getting bonnet, bumper and side roof bits resprayed as there is not diy solution for that.
  15. Cheers. I was going with auto wash for shampoo but if either of those two are better ill look into them, always forget tar remover. i cant work inside unfortunately so a lot of the things that need a proper cure are out. I had sealed the wheels with an alloy sealer & wax EZ wheel armour & RIM but i was not impressed so will be doing the wheels properly, off and fully protect as can do that indoors, was planning on using gtechniq C5 after a full decontamination. Unless you know about a different product. When i actually do get round to doing a polish which will likely be next year now the weather has started to turn, i was going to use Menzerna or 3M compounds but have seen the Scholl recommended more than once. Will be doing it with a DA, used on previous cars with good results using only ultimate compound & ultimate polish but paintwork on this car needs sorting on bonnet and bumper before so its a little pointless at the moment as they are both really bad. For the glass i was going to do a gtechniq G1 (i think) and use their cleaner and polish to prep it. Cure time dosent seem to bad so can do outside. Unless you know about a different product. Again, always forget tyre dressing, ill give that a go. For interior i generally use APC (will be surfex) and then a dressing, EZ Sleek smells nice i like it. could do with a good leather cleaner, its painted so no use for a conditioner. What do you mean metalwork? Engine bay i never really worry about. APC every few months but not too fussed about it gleaming. I was going to do a separate post but can i ask. Grit guards, i never used them until this car as knowing i wouldnt polish for a while wanted to eep it as best i coul but ive gone through two wash mits using them, one 5 years old and never shown sines of use yet three or four washes with the guards and has holes. A big mitt did the same after maybe 8-10. Not being aggressive just up and down motions to free up anything trapped, am i doing anything wrong. I was never a convert of the trwo buckets either until i actually tried it and saw the colour of the rinse bucket. Sorry about all the Questions but handy to ask someone who know what they are actually takilng about





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