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  1. JoeK

    350z Hydro Install

    Thanks for the advice, ive got a bit of drifting experience from academy days but now i want to do it in my own car, ive already brought the hydro and it didnt cost a great deal, which is why i wanted to try and plumb it without a dual caliper because then i can still keep the costs down. Apart from that, im going seats, welded diff, coilovers and some camber arms so i can get some sort of alignment. That and a steering wheel and i dont want to do much more until i get some seat time. Then i'll look at rack spacers.
  2. JoeK

    350z Hydro Install

    £600 for the hydro is a lot when it can be done for £150. When I say angle mods, I'll start out with the rack spacers but eventually yh I will be looking at a full angle kit
  3. JoeK

    350z Hydro Install

    After the brackets though and the callipers etc it's knocking on £600 with the hydro included. Id rather put that money towards angle mods and an oil cooler. This is my first drift build so I don't want to destroy the wallet anymore than I already have
  4. I know there are a couple of threads already existing online for this but there not very clear so I was hoping someone might be able to help me out. Im going to be mounting my hydro in the next week or two, something I'm a bit uncertain about though is the plumbing of the brake lines. I know on these cars its not as simple as just tapping into the rear brake lines. I haven't got the budget for a dual calliper set up unless someone is willing to donate 2 callipers and I can then just buy the brackets ;). So as I understand it I have two options, I can either utilise the lines behind the dri
  5. Hi guys, need to get a new fan shroud fitted to my 350z DE, so I will be going down the Mishimoto route. I have looked into some installs and everyone seems to be removing the stock fans out the top but having to remove the top coolant hose, is there a way of removing the stock fans without messing with the rad hoses so I haven't got to bleed the system? Time sensitive so I don't want to have to bleed the system if I can avoid it? Thanks guys!
  6. My 2004 350z has decided it doesn't like 5th gear and wants to crunch every now and again when going into gear. 6th has always been temperamental but 5th is bad. So i am going to change the gearbox oil but what oil is preferred? Genuine Nissan or is there an alternative that's better? Also whats everyone's thoughts on Molyslip? Thanks
  7. Thanks for this, looking into it! I've just been offered a stock pipe that's been sat in a mates garage for about 5 years as well, missing the y pipe but I can have it for free.
  8. Thanks, I need the Y Pipe as well though so it comes out over £700.00 when you add that on. Thanks though!
  9. Thanks for this one, I gave him a call but i was quoted over £800.00 and i cant spend that money, not now i think the clutch will need doing soon. I am contemplating buying and then i'll hire a ramp and fit it myself. Any idea's on suppliers? There are loads of stainless stuff from £99.00 on evil bay but its my first time buying a new exhaust. I know I wont get really decent for this money but i just want something that will last and wont sound half bad. Any thoughts? Thanks again
  10. Hi Guys, I have an 04 350z that's in dyer need of a new exhaust. full cat back as the flexi joint and center pipe is shot and blowing more than a cheap hooker! I live in the midlands, outskirts of Birmingham but local to Hinckley and Coventry as well. Does anyone have some good recommendations for custom exhausts? I'm looking at £500.00 budget. I know its not a great budget for a decent exhaust but i want the best i can get for that money. I know people that have been to Tip Top Exhausts and said its been good but reviews online arent great. Any recommendat
  11. Hi, when i got the car i did an oil and filter change and air filter but not the spark plugs. I am going to service it again when i come back from holiday an change the plugs then. It says in the manual platinum tipped which are £12.00 a plug. Is platinum definitely required?
  12. JoeK


    Thanks Aashenfox, ill have a think. See what i want to do! Appreciate the advice
  13. Yh i did find this as well, but i have it where i want it to be now and it doesnt effect the Cruise Control. If anyone is concerned about this though and they need the pedal lower and it effects the cruise sensor, that can also be adjusted, i think its a 14mm bolt. Similar process.
  14. JoeK


    This post pretty much hits the nail on the head of what i want. I'm not tracking the car, i might have the occassional bit of fun in a clear car park but i want something thats abit stiffer and has the ability to adjust the ride height. I wanted to avoid springs because its a set height still, just lower. Thanks for all the input though guys, i will make a decision when i have my exhaust sorted and some money free
  15. JoeK


    I dont want to go mad on it, i just want somthing to stiffen the ride abit because its got abit of roll through corners, and change the ride height. Its my first car build so i dont want to **** money away on something im only keeping likely for a couple of years. These were reccommended as a good option but im new to this so wanted to get peoples thoughts. I get that some people would rather save abit more and spend extra on a step up product but i'm not able to spend that much.
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