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  1. Just a heads up, you list the bulb needed for these Depos as D3S, but it is actually D2S. A mistake that almost cost me £140.
  2. NEED HELP FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE FITTED DEPO HEADLIGHTS! i have purchased a set of these headlights from Torqen, on their website it says to get D3S Bulbs, but everywhere else online says D2S? which ones are actually right? if i buy the D3S bulbs, am i right in saying you have to change the igniters off your old ballasts because the D3S come with their own? Thanks in advance, it it makes any difference i drive a 53 plate DE
  3. how much are you looking for the 2 x 25mm posted?
  4. TUNNEL HAATTTCHHHH!!! the moment everyone has been waiting for but im broke AF
  5. Touche, that is lucky, i think i may order the ones from Tarmac
  6. Ive just been told my Lower arm bushes have disintegrated aswell did Abbey supply yours?
  7. hello mate, dont suppose there is a part number for these bulbs? cheers
  8. Who has a purple Zed? or purple accessories!? spotted a bargain on ebay too bad orange and purple don't mix well otherwise i would have snapped this up https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-350Z-FAIRLADY-JOB-LOT-RADIATOR-HOSES-NISMO-OIL-CAP-TOW-STRAP/293005647621?hash=item44387f5f05:g:tjgAAOSwxS9ciRzn
  9. ebay must re-use old links, but it was an awful ad for a 350z
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