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  1. Plug leads you mean Col ?. Will be getting black in good time mate.
  2. Hi all. A lot has happened in the short time she has been back with me having been locked down having her suspension fitted since 18th March. She now sits much better on her coilovers. First up was to give her a good clean, polish the original and rare watanabe rims and dress the tyres. Next was to polish the wing mirrors mounted on her bonnet. Followed this little job with a refurb of the grill and then fitted my SSS badge. Swapped out the standard airbox for some conical filters and added the required breather filter. Removed the tatty petrol tank cover in the trunk and carpeted it. Next job was to template a new back plate to the trunk which I will also cover along with making a new boot floor plan and carpeting that too. Will let you follow the photos in order of the above. More to follow over the coming days and weeks. Hope everyone remains safe and well.
  3. Why don't you plasti dip paint it first in white and if you don't like it just peel it off and plasti dip it black. Plasti dip is great for experimenting. Once you are happy then PAINT it.
  4. Don't have a full size z anymore as have my Datsun 510. I do still have this though,
  5. Why are you selling Steve ? and whats the next move ?
  6. Gloss black mate. Needs to be seen not 'NOT SEEN'. Will also work better with your other mods. IMHO.
  7. Thanks Andy. Don't worry all in hand and in good time. Hope we can catch up later this year. Martin
  8. the restoration project is now resumed. Currently the carbs and associated hardware is being rebuilt as on inspection there are a few signs of wear in her 49 years of being in this world. Gaskets were shot so new ones have been made from gasket corking as originals are near impossible to source. Also had to put a new copper float in the rear carb as she had become porous. They are all refreshed and going back on with new fuel pipes and clips. Lastly, added a new fuel filter.
  9. Perfectly articulated. PS We all want to "get back to the future" asap admist these troubled times.
  10. At least it wont rust.. I brought my SSS as a project and future investment to enjoy along the way. Check Haggerty out for future classics and good investments.
  11. funny, that's what my wife said to me last night too. Looking good, hope Rick is strong enough for the "lift" tomorrow. Good luck.
  12. looking good Andy. Sticking with the candy apple red. I approve. Hope to see you soon,
  13. Agree with AJ. Best we can hope for is some small regional meet gatherings I think. As Andy says large events are pre booked a year in advance so this years wont happen if they have been cancelled already. I will be rebooking all my REO events as soon as the 2021 calendar is open again.
  14. Hi there. You will probably need to register as a member trader first with this proposal so my advice is contact the mods. Many folk on here have had this done (wasso and mopemark) both provided this service on an exchange basis in the past. My advice is buy one off of zmanalex and then you can keep the cycle going by sending that one out in exchange for one back that way people wont be without a plenum whilst you do theirs. Good luck with the initiative. Heres mine many moons ago when I had my 350z.
  15. There are no options to adjust the stock springs on the Datsun 510 to get the lowered ride height and camber adjsutment at the front. I have springs on the back, coilovers on the front. If I could have had springs believe me I would have as I had to have these custom made from the standard front suspension. Just trying to save this guy some money as its a big cost if all you want is to lower the car for looks and street use.





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