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  1. Payco

    R8 would you?

    Just make sure you have a second mortgage for suspension maintenance. You may want to Google it…you are talking several thousand pounds and that’s low end estimate..
  2. Searched long and hard for a set when I had my Nismo and they didn’t produce any for the reasons above. Too much to change the oem ones out. M
  3. Keith Well if it was mine I would just replace rather than expense the treatment of the whole car for the longer term owner to reap the benefit. Sadly it won’t add to the sale value imho. Of course it’s your car and your choice but I would save the pennies personally. M
  4. I wouldn’t spend the money Keith unless you are keeping the car long long term.
  5. Welcome. Where are you based ?.
  6. Great work and thanks Stu. Let’s not forget none of us get paid and everything we do for this forum is in our own time. Well done .
  7. Great cars . Good friend has one. Super quick for a small car too. Enjoy.
  8. Today is the final chance for anyone wanting to join us. Thread will be locked tonight. Martin
  9. No photos buddy . You need to post directly from your photo album.
  10. Deadline is COP Tuesday as need to submit menu choices by Weds. Only two places left for this get together…
  11. Payco - Sausage and Mash Rick - Beef Burger with bacon and cheese Keith (Loadmaster) Beer-battered fish n chips (full-fat non-GF option if there is one! Nismoandy - Beer-battered fish and chips zippypooz - Sausage and Mash with side order of chips The Bounty Bar Kid - Parma ham pizza Seb - 2x Beer-battered fish and chips coldel Parma ham pizza
  12. PM Zmanalex for better condition second hand parts..
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