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  1. Looks over populated and polluted. Not my cup of tea at all. Simply beautiful. What a location to live your life..
  2. Love this. My fav not zed car on this thread.🏆
  3. You could polish it to death with your dremel and polishing wheel like I did to my 350Z 10 years ago. Or hydro dip it like i did later on.
  4. Guildford , Connecticut. My wife’s family live across there and Brandford.
  5. Just got back from 2.5 weeks in North America and couldn’t find one Nissan dealer who had successfully got hold of the new zed. Massive production issues and very hard to find a main dealer who can get hold of one. I did see the new corvette which looked very Ferrari like and tasty. A couple of cars I did see although not that exciting.
  6. Yes guys. This is going ahead as per previous years. Sorry been away for two weeks and only just got back. You will only be allowed on the club stand IF you have put the club stand code as per my original post. Non Zeds wanting to attend can you please PM me as this is a club only event and we need to consider insurance, liability and of course our club rep. I’m am travelling from Hayward’s Heath so a couple of local cars are following me. I will share details of our ore show meet point at Brands nearer the time. Martin
  7. Hi mate. Sorry been away for two weeks. I’ve owned a 350z and 370z Nismo but I’m now mid way thru my Datsun restoration. Do you fancy joining us at Go Japan next month at Brands Hatch ?. . Will PM you in a couple of weeks and maybe we can catch up. Martin
  8. You car your choice mate. Some would say a grand on rims or an exhaust is a waste of money. Imho brakes and tyres are your life and therefore if you can justify spending money on any part of your car it’s these two things ahead of anything else. Talking of fences I painted mine today.😂
  9. No brainier. Zippypooz Steve is a pro wrapper by trade and has done plenty of work on here. He’s simply the best and lives in Hayward’s Heath. PM him.
  10. Best one yet.7 mins 30. Thanks for the prompt Andy 👍
  11. Go to 11 moms 35 and enjoy…all our cars on show
  12. Andy has one I think he messaged you , don’t forget Alex too. Good luck Seb. Don’t forget Edenbridge show too.
  13. Sorry to hear that Seb. As above send Zmanalex a message
  14. Thanks for organising another great show and day of spending quality time with old and new friends catching up Andy. I took some select photos. Enjoy your upcoming road trip. Martin
  15. http://www.the370z.com/engine-drivetrain/131672-pcv-hose-diameter.html dont worry. If it appears the link doesn’t work just click on the X on the top right and it will close down and reveal the page..
  16. Payco

    Under sealing

    Good luck . Pleased to see you are using Dinitrol as wax oil is a no no. Just make sure they deal with any rust as the risk is if they don’t they will seal it in and then you will have big problems. Personally I wouldn’t be doing it to a zed unless you are keeping it for the next twenty years. I would be spending the money on other areas of the car but your car your money. I haven’t even done it to my 52 year old 510.
  17. Payco

    Odd Creaking

    Just got home from working on my 510 all day at the mechanics who looked after both my Zeds. 99% confident it will be your drop links…
  18. Payco

    Odd Creaking

    ATS !!! Really. Aren’t they tyre fitters ?. How about front control arm ?. Strut mount ? Shock ?PM zmanalex on here if you do need any parts. He breaks Zeds and has most parts secondhand and is a great go to source.
  19. Don’t use a main stealer . They know nothing about these cars. Find someone on here and travel like the cougar store /Tarmac etc.
  20. Shows and meets happening all the time. Check the National and local meets section on here under meets shows and events . PS Andy’s car is spot on.
  21. Beers are all on me if the pub is open at 8am. 😂
  22. Thanks Andy. Fly to the USA for two weeks on the 2nd to see family so can’t make it.
  23. Thankyou. Appreciate the nice feedback. When is Gaydon ?. Martin
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