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  1. The remote is the biggest pile of poo ever.
  2. And completed. Thank you for allowing me to waste countless hours!
  3. This is so addictive, on stage 2 now.
  4. Midweek bump. Will consider sensible offers.
  5. Bank holiday weekend price drop to £8,250.
  6. The time has come for me to put my Zed up for sale, it has been my pride and joy for the past 4 years and has been extremely well cared for. This car has covered 34,000 miles during my ownership purely for road trips and sunny weekends. Oil and filter changed every 6 months regardless of mileage and has had two P3 (major) services, the most recent being in late 2016 and the last oil and filter change in March 2017. Every receipt has been kept, including every fuel receipt to prove Shell V Power has only ever been used. MOT until April 2018. It comes with logbook, all keys and stacks of paperwo
  7. Price is about right for a good condition HR.
  8. Lucky you living in Skye, where abouts? We went there as part of a road trip last year and I didn't think I'd find any super there at all, but the Gulf petrol station in Broadford did it to my surprise. Just wanted to add my Z has an UpRev remap with selectable maps and Abbey Motorsport added a standard unleaded map on there for me in case it ever came to it on road trips. Only ever had to use it once and it does run really sluggish.
  9. Does the engine have two intakes and a bonnet bulge? If so it's a HR, if not it's a DE. HR has a bit more power and internals are quite different to achieve the extra power.
  10. I use a Nextbase 312GW in my Z and work van, works really well and the footage quality is superb. Got the hardwire kits with mine which comes with a piggyback fuse holder that you route the cable to and just plug into switched live fuse.
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