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  1. Hey guys. Things got quiet around here. Does anyone have any knowledge on the customisations listed above? I also found out that the car previously had a custom place of "T8WON" Anyone know anything about it?
  2. Things the Garage have fixed: Loose offside side skirt has been fixed. Wing mirror cover has been repainted New brake disks and pads Update from the ClickMechanic: Things the mechanic noticed: HKS air filters - fitted - which are direct replacement filters. Suspected performance clutch fitted - slight knock noise when you shift with the engine off. Still biting where it should so no issue identified. Red Stuff performance brake pads on the rear - quite good. Good on braking. May produce break dust but should be okay on black wheels. The Suspension has been modified - It has adjustable on ride comfort - said to be a common modification. Boot area has 2 wires taped up no longer in use. And the rear strut bar has two holes drilled either side. Can't identify what this was for, maybe a stereo system or lights. All electronics are working Overall thoughts: looks like a nice car to be honest. You can gauge that the previous owner looked after the car as only subtle modifications. He's happy with it mechanically He's happy with it cosmetically. The garage are now going to detail it to remove any light scratches and then we're good to go!
  3. I didn't see you were in Greece, too bad
  4. I've stuck a deposit down, and so the advert has now been taken down. I'm getting a mechanic from ClickMechanic to check over the car tomorrow. I will report back any issues they find.
  5. You could just go to the bank...
  6. Drug dealers don't drive 2 seaters I had a black toy Porsche style car when I was a kid, which I'd chase around with my toy cop car. For some reason every car I've bought has looked similar.
  7. I did consider getting a "Night Blue" 313 because it looked like black from the pictures and I wondered what it would be like to go back to a non-black car. And then I thought... Nahhh.. Bad guys drive black cars. And I wanna be a bad guy!
  8. Yeah, the colour can be changed for ~£2,000 Sure.. everybody has a friend who knows a guy. But lets be realistic... I'm not gonna buy a car to sink a couple of grand into it on day 1 without adding any value. If somebody were to tell me that the car I'm looking at has a dodgy history, then I would gladly walk away and go for another black one.
  9. Thank you for linking to that car however I'm only looking for a car in black and I can't see past the colour I'm afraid.
  10. Thanks for your help Connor, and everyone else who has contributed. They said they are happy to fix the issues and so I'll be sure to check the car in its fixed state prior to finalising the purchase.
  11. There is no chance I could get a HR for 7k. I've been checking every week for around a year and the lowest I've seen is £8,200 and that was out in the middle of nowhere with a questionable history of issues. In contract, this one looks to be 'fairly decent'. In recent weeks there were a lot of HRs for sale at around this price or higher and most of them have now been sold. Infact, there were around 40 cars on sale in total on autotrader a few weeks ago, right now that stands at around 30. It comes with a 3 month warranty. And the car had the following issues which the dealer said he'd fix: New Ariel needed The drivers side front lower panel underneath the door is loose resulting in it not lining up correctly. A few minor scratches which may buff out Brake judder, new disk needed? Drivers wing mirror, the lacker is coming off. I think the price is fair if the above issues can be fixed. I'm also getting a mechanic to check it over to make sure there is nothing else wrong.. but the dealer said they would fix anything I find. I think the key to this deal is making sure that everything is fixed. The price would have to come down if it wasn't.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm considering buying the car below. Does anyone know anything about it? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201611250087890?radius=1500&colour=Black&model=350%20Z&body-type=Coupe&sort=price-desc&postcode=ng31al&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&make=NISSAN&page=1
  13. Please take a look at the cars above and let me know if any look like a good buy. I also have a few other questions: Are there any big problems with HRs to watch out for that would make taking a low price one a big risk? Some are much cheaper than others. How much of a premium do you pay for buying from a dealer? How long do reasonably priced good ones stay up for sale? Some seem to have been on sale for months.
  14. Are the dual air intakes the best way to confirm if a car is a HR?
  15. Thanks for your input. How do you know the second one is a DE RevUp? I thought that being as the title said 313, it was registered in 2007, and it had the humped bonnet that it was a HR. Do you know this car personally or is there some other way to check? I will look more into the one that's done 53k miles. It seems to be the one with the lowest miles. As for the one you linked to Kyle R, I'm trying to avoid anything too far from standard. My last car was completely custom and it was a real nightmare, so this time I've chosen to buy a standard car (or as close to as possible) that's already good straight out of the box. There are also the following cars available which I had previously ruled out. Are either of these any good? £10,295 - 75k Miles (PJ57MVP) http://www.autotrade...pe=Coupe&page=1 Info: MOT history shows two recent fails on exhaust and lots of repeated advisories over multiple years. £8,200 - 72k Miles (Unknown plate) http://www.ebay.co.u...loAAOSwux5YJvH0 Info: Has a scratch down the side, and a cobra exhaust which I'm worried may be too loud as I do a lot of motorway driving. Number plate is hidden in the pictures for some reason so I can't check on the history.
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